Mystic Tan gives great, deep yet natural color, without having to get your hands dirty. But if you are a spray self tanning novice, you may want to practice with one area first.

Review of Mystic Tan Perfect Tan Kit
Mystic Tan Perfect Tan Kit. Picture Taken By: Faith Lawless.


  • Convenient Spray that can be used at any angle
  • No harsh self tanner smell
  • No need to rub in, so your hands stay clean
  • Gives a really nice, natural, deep tan
  • Dries quickly and lasts for at least 7 days


  • Spray tan virgins may not apply it correctly the first time


  • Manufacturer – Mystic Tan
  • Available in Body kit and Face kit
  • 3-piece complete tanning kit, with a bag
  • Average Price – $54.00 U.S

Guide Review – Review of Mystic Tan Perfect Tan Kit (Body)

Mystic Tan is known for its famous spray tanning booths.

Now they have taken the booth experience and conveniently packaged it for at-home use. Even though I was a little bit leery at first, because I had never used a spray tanner, I desperately wanted to try it. After contacting Mystic Tan and requesting to review their Sunless Tanning Spray for Face and Body, I promptly received it at my door.

The package insert was very informative and even gave tips on what you should and shouldn’t do in order to achieve a great sunless tan. Mystic Tan suggests that you apply the self-tanner in a shower, with a door or curtain closed, or a bathtub area. This was a very good suggestion because otherwise, my bathroom would have probably ended up tanned as well.

I began the tanning session by applying the Sunless Conditioning Complex, which felt similar to Aloe Vera gel, but not as sticky. Once dried, I threw on my bikini and headed for my shower stall. The Sunless Tanning Spray went on very easily, and I really didn’t have to rub it in at all. I did rub it in after the first initial spray because I accidentally sprayed too close and it began to run down my arm.

But once I got the hang of how far away to hold the container, it was extremely easy. The dry time was also really quick, but I played it safe and waited around 10 minutes before getting dressed.

The overall result was a deep and natural-looking tan. There were no streaks or spots, minus the area where I didn’t do my arm correctly (but I was able to blend it out with some witch hazel). Basically, the end result was fantastic because it looked like I had just come back from the beach, plus the color lasted for at least 7 days. I will definitely continue to use the Mystic Tan Perfect Tan Kit, and I highly suggest that any home self-tanner give it a try too.

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