Applying Full Coverage Makeup

I’ll never forget the day I got my first (and last) tattoo. There I was, the doe-eyed age of 20 years old, with my best friend Maryclare, waiting nervously while this 6’4 bearded man with more tattoos than I had ever seen in my life prepared his tools. About one minute in I felt my blood sugar plummet to an all-time low and had visions of fainting while I sipped apple juice and secretly cursed the thought of ever attempting something so painful and permanent. Fifteen minutes later, I had a tiny cross on my right foot and breathed a huge sigh of relief. Over the past 9 years, I’ve had a love/hate relationship with my tattoo, going through moments of wanting to cover it up entirely and then mostly forgetting it’s even there.

How To: Cover Anything Like A Pro
How To: Cover Anything Like A Pro.

From tattoos to varicose veins, birthmarks, scars, and imperfections, sometimes life gives us more battle wounds than we’d prefer. Surgeries to remove these unwanted marks are sometimes out of the question, making it all the more difficult to hide what we simply don’t want others to see. The solution? Dermablend cosmetics is one of the most widely used brands by professionals to cover anything and everything. From leg makeup to face powder, Dermablend has it all. Here are my simple makeup artist tips on how to cover it all using the #1 Dermatologist recommended camouflage brand:

1. Tattoos: If you want to cover small tattoos for a special event, blend the quick fix body full coverage foundation stick onto the tattoo, making sure all areas are covered. Make sure to set it with setting powder, and brushing the excess off with a powder or makeup brush. You will find that using a setting powder with all Dermablend products is essential to keeping your makeup in place.

2. Under-eye Circles/Facial Scars: If you have dark under-eye circles, scars or birthmarks that need covering, quick fix concealer is the perfect miniature sized makeup stick to cover smaller imperfections mostly found on the face.

With SPF 30, not only do you get great coverage, but you also have sun protection that prevents these marks appearing darker after exposure to UV rays. Lightly apply to skin and blend with your fingers or foundation brush. If you experience rosacea, acne scars, or uneven skin tone, blend the intense powder camo face powder with the concealer as the perfect product compliment.

3. Varicose Veins: Annoying and my personal insecurity, varicose veins can certainly put a damper on your summer wardrobe plans. Dermablend’s leg and body cover, with SPF 15 offers high color coverage and long wear, not to mention sweat-resistant, for all those unwanted veins in your legs. This makeup is also perfect for covering stretch marks and bruises, along with any other scars. Apply a small amount to cover veins; a little goes a long way!

Makeup Artist Tip: Whether you’re a man or woman, covering up unwanted scars is not gender specific. Anyone can do this using makeup. For best results, exfoliate areas on the body you want to cover and also shave. Makeup will get caught in hair, and if you’re a guy needing to cover up tattoos on your arms or legs, make sure to shave the area completely before applying anything. This will ensure a smooth finish without making it obvious that you’re wearing makeup. Not sure what shade you are? Dermablend’s easy shade chart covers everything from fair to deep skin tones, offering options for everyone.

Don’t let anything keep you from being the very best version of yourself. Even if it involves a little makeup, who cares! It can be our little secret.


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