Refreshing and chocked full of anti-oxidants makes this a must-have for summer, winter, or anytime your skin is feeling parched or stressed.

Mineral Fusion Hydration Mist
Review of Mineral Fusion Hydration Mist.


  • Contains natural extracts
  • A bottle is a perfect size to carry with you
  • Very hydrating and refreshing
  • Great to use for setting mineral makeup
  • Mist sprays evenly, with no heavy feel


  • I can’t think of any


  • Manufacturer – Glo Professional Makeup
  • Available alone or with the Fresh Face Starter Kit
  • Water-based
  • Size – 2 ounces
  • Suggested Price – $17.50 for individual bottle
  • Available online or from Whole Foods
  • Made in the USA

Guide Review – Review of Mineral Fusion Hydration Mist

Recently I contacted Mineral Fusion with a request to try their mineral makeup.

Upon receiving the makeup, I was happy to see that the Fresh Face Starter Kit came with a Hydration Mist. I was eager to try the makeup, which you can read the review for that here, but I was also eager to see how their facial mist stood up to others.

The container is the perfect size to fit in a bag or purse, for quick and easy application when you need it the most. Also, it is made of metal so you can either recycle it when you are done, or you can clean it out and refill with mineral water or other products. The spray nozzle worked wonderfully and gave a nice even mist, instead of a heavy squirt. I love the smell of the natural extracts found in the mist, and it made my skin feel instantly refreshed from the first pump.

The really great thing is that it really did set my mineral makeup without ruining it. I also tried using the Hydration Mist without make and with other makeup, and it worked well no matter what the situation. One idea I tried was to put the container in the refrigerator and then use it when I came in from being outside in the heat.

Cooling the Hydration Mist made it feel even more refreshing, especially on my hot, parched skin. I almost wish Mineral Fusion made a grande size container to use for my entire body. Maybe that will be something they can work on for the future. So what is the bottom line? If you have skin, and we all do, then Mineral Fusion Hydration Mist is a definite must-have no matter what the season.

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