If you love the feel of mineral makeup and long to keep your skin looking young, then Mineral Fusion is your brand.

Mineral Fusion Fresh Face Intro Kit
Review of Mineral Fusion Fresh Face Intro Kit.


  • The makeup is pressed instead of loose
  • Contains organic ingredients
  • Contains vitamins and minerals to protect and help fight aging
  • The kit comes with a great hydration mist
  • Most of the brushes are made of natural hair


  • Can be slightly messy, somewhat like other mineral lines


  • Manufacturer – Glo Professional
  • Intro kit available in 4 tones
  • Can be purchased online or at Whole Foods
  • Suggested Price – $40.00

Guide Review – Review of Mineral Fusion Fresh Face Intro Kit

I recently contacted Glo Professional, the manufacturer of Mineral Fusion, to try their mineral makeup line.

The wonderful people at Glo Professional sent me their Fresh Face Intro Kit. At first, I was surprised to see how small the kit was, but when I opened the package, I found two pressed foundation shades, a bronzer, a hydration mist, and a cute little kabuki brush.

The pressed foundation was very easy to use, and even though there was some mess from using the kabuki brush, it was minimal. The wonderful thing about the foundation was the fact that it was pressed and in a compact, so if I accidentally drop it, the powder will not fly everywhere. Also, the texture of the mineral powder was very nice, and the application was very smooth and natural feeling. The kit did not come with a finishing powder, but they do make a pressed one. The bronzer was very nice, and it gave just the right amount of color for my skin. I hate using a bronzer that makes my skin look dirty instead of sun-kissed, so Mineral Fusion did a great job with their bronzer.

The Fresh Face Intro Kit also came with a great little natural hair kabuki brush.

The hair is very soft and is made of black Capra (which I believe is a goat hair). The bonus to the kit was the hydration mist. You can use the mist before and after you apply the mineral makeup, and it contains good-for-you ingredients, such as chamomile, myrrh, burdock root, and shea butter. It’s refreshing and also hydrating at the same time, which is great to have on-hand during the hot days of summer. The bottom line is Mineral Fusion mineral makeup is a definite must-have if you are looking for an all-around great makeup line

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