Walk down the makeup aisle in any drugstore or visit the beauty counter in any department store and you’ll be greeted with an array of mineral makeup lines. Mineral makeup first hit the U.S. market in the 1970s and has since experienced a major resurgence—which is good news for your wallet. The beauty product’s increased popularity means more companies are developing their own mineral makeup, from high-end labels to budget-friendly mainstays. We’ve rounded some of the best mineral makeup product finds for every budget to help you find the right one for your cosmetic bag.

Best Mineral Makeup Products
Best Mineral Makeup Products

1. Bare Minerals

Bare Minerals
Best Mineral Makeup Products: Bare Minerals. Photo: Ulta

The Bare Minerals Getting Started Kit retails for just under $60, which places it at the higher end, but it’s worth it to have everything you need to get started with the line. The makeup is very lightweight which makes it perfect for daily use (especially in sticky summer months). One nice perk, if you forget to wash your face, you won’t wake up with blemishes and clogged pores. I wouldn’t recommend doing this nightly, but it’s good to know that you can do it every once in a while and worry that you’re damaging your skin.

2. Physicians Formula Mineral Wear

Physicians Formula Mineral Wear
Best Mineral Makeup Products: Physicians Formula Mineral Wear. Photo via Physicians Formula.

Physician’s Formula Mineral Wear line is comprised of completely talc-free mineral makeup. The formula is actually mineral water enriched, which gives the powder a creamy texture. With added vitamin A and E, this mineral makeup is not only good for your budget but for your skin as well. Physicians Formula Mineral Wear is available in a wide variety of textures and colors and can be found at any major drugstore.

3. Neutrogena Mineral Sheers

Neutrogena Mineral Sheers

Neutrogena Mineral Sheers is a great all-in-one mineral makeup since it has the brush attached to the container. The initial coverage seems to be somewhat sheer, but it is buildable without looking cakey. The Mineral Sheers is very easy to apply, and it feels very lightweight on your skin.

4. Pur Minerals

Pur Minerals
Photo By: Amazon

The Pur Minerals 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup is an overall good product since it is formulated to fit all ages and skin types. The mineral powder comes in a compact, so there is a minimal mess. The texture of the powder is very light and almost creamy feeling and can be applied with a brush or with the supplied applicator sponge. The 4-in-1 concept gives you a mineral foundation, powder, concealer, and SPF 15 in one product.

5. Jane Iredale Minerals

Jane Iredale Minerals
Best Mineral Makeup Products: Jane Iredale Minerals

Jane Iredale Mineral Powder is a wonderful mineral line that is free of oil, dyes, talc, and parabens. The mineral bases are also very versatile and can be used as a concealer, foundation, and powder, with an added sunscreen to boot. The mineral powders come in a pressed or loose container, and both are highly concentrated so that a little bit will go a long way. The mineral powders are available in a very wide variety of colors, so finding a shade to match your skin should be extremely easy. And for those that prefer a liquid foundation, Jane Iredale also offers Liquid Minerals, which is light-diffusing mineral makeup in a handy pump applicator.

6. Maybelline Mineral Powder

Maybelline Mineral Powder
Photo: Amazon.com

Maybelline’s Mineral Power makeup is a very good drugstore mineral makeup option. Don’t let the low price and availability fool you; Mineral Power makeup is a fantastic mineral makeup line. The line offers both loose powder and liquid mineral makeup. Maybelline also has a wonderful pressed mineral finishing veil that works well on its own if you’re in too much of a rush to apply your full face of products.

7. Lancome Ageless Minerale with SPF 21

Lancome Ageless Minerale with SPF 21
Photo via Pinterest

Lancome has come out with the first brightening mineral makeup; Ageless Minerale. The mineral makeup contains White Sapphire Complex, which helps to fight signs of aging and leaves your skin feeling soft for hours. The formula helps to cover imperfections while minimizing pores and virtually erasing your fine lines. It’s available in 11 great shades, so there’s a color for every skin tone. When you consider the high SPF count (21), you’ve got a new mineral makeup that’s definitely worth the splurge.

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