Bare Minerals products are world-renown and a favorite mineral makeup of many, but they make far more than just foundation mineral makeup and Mineral Veil. If you haven’t branched out your Bare Minerals collection to include all of their other products, then now is the time to start. An excellent place to begin is with their eyeshadows and eye colors. This is why we decided to review their High Shine Eyecolor, so you can get the details on whether the compact and on-the-go eyeshadow is worth your time and money.

Bare Minerals High Shine Eyecolor
Review of Bare Minerals High Shine Eyecolor. Best Eyeshadow.

Bare Minerals High Shine Eyecolor Pros and Cons:


  • Gives fantastic shine color to any area of your eyes
  • Long-wearing with a superbly smooth texture
  • Perfect for a highlighter or pop of shine on the middle of your lid
    Can be worn even if you wear contacts
  • Doesn’t “fall out” onto your face or under your eyes throughout the day
  • Quick and convenient packaging allows for on-the-go application


  • None

Description of Bare Minerals High Shine Eyecolor:

  • Manufacturer – Bare Escentuals Beauty
  • Ophthalmologist-tested
  • Preservative-Free
  • Available Shades – 12
  • Can be purchased from the Bare Minerals Website or from Bare Mineral Boutiques and counters nationwide.
  • Suggested Price – $16 each

Guide Review of Bare Minerals High Shine Eyecolor:

Personally, I absolutely love eyeshadow that has a good sheen to it instead of harsh glitter. After all, as we get older glitter is not our best friend because it can settle into fine lines. Plus it just doesn’t look good on an eye that’s not perfectly smooth and line-free. I also love my mineral makeup products, from foundation to concealer, mineral veil, and lip gloss. So when I got the chance to test Bare Mineral’s High Shine Eyecolor, I was super excited.

Out of the 12 shades available I sampled and tested Gold Medal which is a pale gold eyeshadow with a nice sheen and Ice which is a frosted pink eye color with a perfect sheen.

First off I loved the packaging because the sponge-tipped applicator is hidden inside the cap, so it sits inside the tiny tube out-of-sight. You may think that this would pack too much shadow on the applicator, but it does not due to the spring-loaded stem on the applicator wand. The design makes it easy to apply your eyeshadow quickly, especially since you don’t have to look for an applicator or makeup brush. So overall the packaging alone was worth the price of admission on this one because it eliminates mess, and allows you to get a quick eye look within seconds.

The eyeshadow itself is also quite remarkable. By keeping true to the Bare Escentuals standard of containing 100% pure Bare Minerals, along with being preservative-free and Ophthalmologist-tested, their High Shine Eyecolor lives up to every bit of the Bare Escentuals name. So what makes this eyeshadow different than the other eyeshadow from Bare Minerals? The packaging is enough to set it apart, but the velvety texture of the eyeshadow allows it to glide on effortlessly, while even on the go. The formula is also long-wearing which I was reluctant to believe but found out very quickly that it lasted for almost an entire 8-hour haul. The texture and staying power are just a bonus because the look of the slight foiled effect is absolutely perfect for any eye look. For example, I wore both shades alone, and also as a nice highlighter for my regular eyeshadow or even a hot smokey eye look.

The Bottom Line:

Bare Minerals High Shine Eyecolor has become my all-time favorite eyeshadow to date. I find myself reaching for these tiny little cylinders of sheen-a-Licious eyeshadow every morning. My biggest fear is the day when I run out, and I don’t have a backup container.

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