Bare Minerals products are world-renown and a favorite mineral makeup of many, but they make far more than just loose mineral makeup and Mineral Veil. If you haven’t branched out your Bare Minerals collection to include all of their other products, then now is the time to start. An excellent place to begin is with their face products. This is why we decided to review their NEW Ready SPF20 Foundation so you can get the details on whether the new compact foundation is worth your money, or if you should stick to their reliable and time-tested loose mineral makeup.

Bare Minerals Ready SPF20 Foundation
Review of Bare Minerals Ready SPF20 Foundation. Image @bareminerals

Pros and Cons of Bare Minerals Ready SPF20 Foundation


  • Contains a broad spectrum SPF20
  • The use of algae, seaweed, and rosehip oil gives your skin just the right amount of moisture.
  • Contains vitamin A to help boost skin cell turnover
  • Also contains vitamins C and E to give you a healthy complexion.
  • Hydration is time released so that you won’t dry out during the day.
  • Offers long-wearing coverage that lasts up to 12-hours
  • Looks just as beautiful and natural as the loose mineral makeup
  • Coverage is buildable, allowing you to go from natural to more coverage in a snap.
  • Comes a very wide variety of shades, so it’s easy to find your perfect match.


  • Absolutely nothing

Description of Bare Minerals Ready SPF20 Foundation

  • Manufacturer – Bare Escentuals Beauty
  • Contains no waxes, talc, fillers, or fragrance
  • Time release minerals increase your hydration by 108% after 12-hours
  • Contains antioxidants and minerals that help diminish the appearance of lines and wrinkles
  • Available Shades – 20
  • Can be purchased online, from the Bare Minerals Website, from Bare Mineral Boutiques, and from counters nationwide in many department stores.
  • Suggested Price – $29

Guide Review of Bare Minerals Ready SPF20 Foundation

Personally, I really like the Bare Minerals line of products and have been wearing their makeup on my face, eyes, and lips ever since I reviewed their Getting Started Kit a few years ago. The problem many of you may have with mineral makeup, however, is the mess associated with the loose powder. Well, Bare Minerals has heard your cries because they released a new solid mineral foundation in late August 2012. It was exciting to hear the news as I really want to take my mineral makeup with me, and frankly, loose powder can be disastrous in a purse. So when Bare Escentuals contacted me about the new product, I was more than happy to test it out and give an honest review of my findings. So how did it stand up to the regular mineral powder? Let’s find out, shall we?

First and foremost, I always test a new product over several days with a day of rest in between, just in case there is an allergic reaction to an ingredient. After testing for a week, you’ll be happy to hear that there was absolutely no reaction to the product whatsoever. So after getting off to a good start, I focused on the smell and texture of the foundation. There really wasn’t a noticeable scent from the compact, and if anything it resembled the regular loose minerals from Bare Minerals. The texture was really nice and light and actually felt very creamy to the touch. The smoothness gave a very nice application, and it didn’t slip into any fine lines or wrinkles. In order to test that theory out even further, I also tried it under my eye area to see if it would enhance any lines. After the initial application, there was no creeping into the lines, and throughout the day it made my under-eye area look rather smooth. The bonus is that no matter where I applied the solid foundation it lasted all day, and never looked cakey or dry at all. Instead, my skin looked fresh, natural, and actually hydrated. Yes, hydrated. I too was shocked to see that it was true that a powder foundation could moisturize your skin.

So overall the product was a big hit with me, and I loved the idea of having an option of 20 different shades. This gives you the chance to find your perfect foundation match. I also really liked the added SPF of 20, and that it’s also a broad spectrum coverage was a plus. The compact design is also nice and just as functional as all other Bare Minerals compacts. As for the application process, this can vary depending on your preference. I liked applying it from the compact with a brush, but you could also try a puff as well. Just keep in mind that the puff may end up offering a lot more coverage than a brush, plus you may use more of the product that way. If you apply the solid foundation with a brush, then you simply follow the regular tap and buff principle of Bare Mineral makeup. The final bonus for this new foundation is that you can also build the coverage without it looking fake or cakey. So you can easily go from natural to heavier with a quick swipe of a brush.

The Bottom Line for Bare Minerals Ready SPF20 Foundation

Bare Minerals hits it out of the park again with their new solid foundation with SPF20. This new foundation is like a pressed miracle, giving you a great finish while diminishing wrinkles and hydrating your skin perfectly. And now I can actually carry my powder with me without the fear of ruining my purse, so who could ask for more?

Disclosure: The manufacturer provided review samples. Please see our Ethics Policy for more information.

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