Make-up is not just about the products you buy; it is also about the skill and the self-awareness of how to use certain products to enhance your features. Many people make the mistake of thinking that make-up is a means of altering or hiding certain elements of your appearance. While in a few cases that might be true, as a bigger picture, make-up is meant to bring the best out of your beauty that is already there. And a blush is no exception to this.

Blushes can dramatically elevate your make-up up several notches. Whether you are going out in full glam to a club or just hanging out with friends at Breakout Escape Room Bangalore with minimal make-up on your face, a little dab of the right blush in the right spot can bring any look to life. So, knowing some useful hacks that you can do with blushes can go a long way if you are feeling too lazy to do a full face or just don’t feel like spending more than 10 minutes on getting ready.

Let’s take a look at the 10 best blush hacks that can ease your life and help you achieve beautiful make-up looks every time:

1. Blush-Highlighter Power Couple 

Start with cleaning your face properly before working on your make-up. Your skin should be properly cleansed and exfoliated to allow any make-up product to work its magic.

Next, even out your skin tone with the help of a light coverage foundation. Then mix some liquid blush with a little bit of any liquid highlighter of your choice. Dab it onto the apple of your cheeks and blend well. Finish with a dewy setting spray. This process will give you a fresh, glowing, and clean look with minimal effort. It is a great option when you don’t have enough time to do elaborate make-up or you want a more natural look.

2. Pick a shade that suits you

The most vital part about selecting make-up products is to pick a shade that goes with your skin tone. While choosing your blush, it is important to keep your undertones in mind. If you happen to have warm undertone skin and you end up choosing cooler blush shades, it can make you look sick. And if you end up choosing a warm shade blush for your cool-toned skin, it can make you look like your cheek is bruised.

You can also experiment with the colors. You don’t necessarily have to stick to pink blushes only. Try out oranges, purples, and reds to truly understand which suits your skin the best.

3. Use your lipstick as a blush

If you ever run out of blush and need one immediately, just whip out any red or orange toned lipstick you might have for a quick fix. Simply apply a little bit on the back of your hand and then use one or two fingers to lightly apply a small amount of it on your skin. Do not forget to blend it well!

4. Pay attention to your face shape!

If your face is round, work your blush along your cheekbones to get the perfect slimming effect. For square faces, stick to the apples. If you have a heart-shaped face, then start with under the apples of your cheeks and then gradually blend it upwards.

5. Pick the right formula for your skin type

For oily skin, cheek stains work the best, as they look dewy and last for a long time.

Creamy formulas work the best for normal or combination skin types. It comes with tons of colors and is the easiest to blend. Powdery formulas work well for dry skin and are best to blur your pores.

6. Choose the right brush

Your blush brush should be dense and natural, with soft hairs that makes applying the blush a smooth and easy affair. A tight brush will pick up too much pigment and pack it more tightly onto your skin. So, unless you are going for the circus clown look, go for a fluffy brush with a medium thickness.

7. Do not forget to blend!

Using a damp sponge or a stiff brush works the best to allow the blush to spread out evenly onto your skin. If you are using the blush on your nose, remember to use both up and down and sideways motion to evenly distribute the pigment across both sides of the nose bridge.

8. Make your blush last long

If you mix cream and powdery blush, you can make your blush stay much longer. Start with blending your cream blush and give it some time to settle. Top it with some translucent powder, and then pack on some powder blush lightly. You can use this technique to also create custom blush shades with two different colors of liquid and powder blush.

9. Foundation can be the savior too!

If you have ever accidentally used too much blush on your skin, don’t worry. Take a wet sponge and some of your foundation, dab a little bit of that on the area, and it will lighten out the pigment. 

10. Your blush can become your lip stain!

Your blush can have multifaceted usage in your make-up routine. If you need a quick-to-go lip stain but do not have one at hand, use your blush and chapstick instead!

Apply the chapstick and then lightly dab a little powdery blush over it to complete the effect. The key here is to blend it out very, very well.


Hopefully, these hacks will help you get the best out of your make-up routine. Which one worked the best for you? Share your experience with us below!

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