The Best Ways To Fix Uneven, Patchy Eyebrows With Holes
(Photo Credit: Instagram via @sleeperly).

The best inexpensive eyebrow pencils tested and reviewed for you if you want to make your eyebrows look fuller or fix a hole.

Now I love you guys and would test almost anything for your sake, but I had to draw the line at actually pulling a chunk out of my own eyebrow in the name of journalism. However, I do use a brow pencil on the regs, just to fill in the spots that are a bit less lush, and I’m sure many of you do as well. So I checked out four of the top inexpensive pencils at Ulta to see which makes me look the most like Cara Delevingne. From worst to best, here we go:

4. Rimmel London Professional Eyebrow Pencil

This was undoubtedly my least favorite of the bunch. I like that it has a nice course brush to use, but the pencil was too intense, and even by lightening my pressure, I couldn’t get it to be any more subtle. It is the perfect eyebrow pencil for those frightening-looking old ladies that have no eyebrows and draw them on the way too aggressively. It also smudges fairly easily.

It also gave my brows an odd reddish tint..which I don’t appreciate from a color called “Dark Brown.”

3. Physician’s Formula Brow Definer Automatic Brow Pencil

The Physician’s Formula take wasn’t bad, and it has the very snazzy addition of a little baby pencil sharpener at the bottom. I also like the very tiny tip, so you can get the outer edges of your brows easily. The trouble is that they only have two colors, “Blonde-Beige” and “Brown-Beige,” and “Brown-Beige” is way too light for me. If you have lighter eyebrows, this is definitely worth the six bucks.

See how much lighter they got? No good.

2. NYX Cosmetics Eyebrow Push-Up Bra

This is actually the pencil I have been using for awhile, and I love it for everyday use. It’s very subtle, and I like that I have a highlighter for my brow bone on hand. I’ve read reviews that say this pencil isn’t “bold enough,” but I think that’s exactly why I like it. It’s dark enough for my brows but the opposite of the Rimmel pencil in that it looks very natural. It stays on all day, and I haven’t ever had it smudge, even after walking a mile and a half to work in NYC in the summer.

1. MUST BUY: It Cosmetics Universal Brow Power Mini

Do you have a real-life brow idol? Someone who you Facebook stalk and wonder how on earth they get their brows to look that perfect? No? Okay, well, I do. And she is the one who told me about IT Cosmetics Universal Brow Power. Apparently, she actually did pluck an unfortunate little hole in her glorious brows, and IT saved the day. After testing it out, I’m not surprised. The mini is only $12, and I plenty big enough for a quick fix, and it worked like a charm. Somehow, the one color actually does work for all shades (I’ve checked) – it just depends on how much pressure you apply. The brush on the end works magic, making your brows look gorgeous and natural rather than painted on. Go get yourself one.

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