The Best Mascaras, According to Professional Makeup Artists
The Best Mascaras, According to Professional Makeup Artists. (Photo Credit: Instagram via @hijkgonnaplay)

We asked makeup artists what their favorite mascaras are for making your eyes pop. These are their picks.

Last week we revealed what the best lipsticks are according to makeup artists. This week, it is all about mascaras. Finding the perfect mascara is one of those makeup quests, along with finding the perfect red lipstick and a foundation that actually matches your skin tone. You want a mascara that delivers good volume, length, and thickness but doesn’t make your lashes look and feel like crispy spider legs.

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These are the mascaras that have earned permanent spots in makeup artists’ kits:

1. Lash Lifter Gel Definition Mascara, Marc Jacobs

If you prefer a natural look but still want your eyes to pop, makeup artist and Artis brush founder Matthew Waitesmith loves this gel mascara. He states, “A little goes a long way with this formula. Keep the application light, and the lashes will look natural but striking.”

2. Total Lash Cover Mascara, Milani

Taraji P. Henson’s makeup artist Ashunta Sheriff picked this wallet-friendly mascara. It does everything you want a mascara to do. Ashutna states, “It provides volume, length, and fullness with an amazing brush, so clumping is minimal.” The funky brush has three different “zones” that give you pumped-up lashes.

3. Voluminous Mascara in Carbon Black, L’Oreal

If you’re looking for a good drugstore mascara, check out Forward Artists makeup artist Samuel Paul’s pick. He explains that this budget-friendly mascara is “always a go-to for full dark lashes.” Sold.

4. Better Than Sex Mascara, Too Faced

This was makeup artist and lash designer Monika Crouch’s first pick. There are some high expectations when it has a name like that, but the hourglass-shaped brush separates coats and curls lashes.

5. Comb Mascara, Serge Lutens

This mascara is a splurge, but Forward Artists makeup artist Kathy Jeung loves this “super smudgeproof” mascara with a comb brush. She says it “defines each lash [and the] formula gives a shine that eyelashes naturally have.” Didn’t you think that your eyelashes had a natural shine? Go look in the mirror.

6. Fat Daddy Mascara, Hot Makeup

You may want to lol at the name of makeup artist Jose Corella’s pick, but it is a great volumizing waterproof mascara. That’s not all. Jose explains,” Not only is it good for creating a lot of volumes, but it also helps to grow the lashes.”

7. They’re Real! Lengthening And Volumizing Mascara, Benefit

This was Monika Crouch’s second pick. This cult-favorite mascara gives lashes major length and volume. If you want something different than the standard black and brown mascaras, it is also available in royal blue.

8. Roller Lash Curling & Lifting Mascara, Benefit

Makeup artist Birchbox Brand Ambassador and vlogger Tati Westbrook also chose a Benefit mascara. She has praise for this new formula. She states, “This is a budge-proof formula that holds a curl on even the most stubborn lashes… in a word: Obsessed!” You can throw away your eyelash curler now.

9. Eye Do Mascara, Eyeko

Sometimes a mascara can be amazing on your top lashes but can make a mess of your bottom ones. Makeup artist Jade Marie’s favorite mascara is especially good for your lower lashes. She says, “This mascara is great for bottom lashes; it really makes them look fluffy and pieced out perfectly.”

10. LashBlast Mascara, CoverGirl

Monika Crouch’s third pick was this drugstore favorite. It comes in four different natural colors and a variety of different formulations, whether you want to banish clumps or add major volume. She also loves CoverGirl’s Super Sizer version and Maybelline’s Lash Discovery and Lash Sensational formulas.

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