When it comes to wearing an eyeshadow that contains shimmer on the lids, there’s quite a bit of controversy surrounding the matter. Since shimmer can emphasize fine lines and wrinkles, it’s only sometimes the go-to option for women with mature skin types who want to keep looking as youthful as possible. So what exactly can you do about it?

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Here are some tips on wearing eye shadow that won’t emphasize fine lines and wrinkles around the eye area:

1. Opt for matte texture: Matte textured eyeshadows give you the benefit of trying pigment and dressing up your eyes without emphasizing wrinkles. While matte shadows come in an array of colors, the key to success in the application is to blend, blend, blend. Use professional makeup brushes to apply the shadow and blend it on the lid until it looks seamless.

Using an eyeshadow primer like this one from Urban Decay is also imperative when working with matte-textured shadows. This keeps the shadow in place and stops it from smudging or fading throughout the day, keeping your beauty look on point. Apply a small amount of primer to the eyelid and let it dry before adding eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara.

2. Define with a waterproof eyeliner: Using a waterproof eyeliner under the lash line and right in between the lashes will give you the definition you’re looking for without having to use eyeshadow if you don’t want to. Got dark circles? Apply liner only to the top of the lid, between the lashes, leaving the bottom clean and younger-looking.

Dark eyeliner and shadow on the bottoms of the eyes can often draw attention to dark circles, so going for a different look can get rid of this unwanted attention.

Makeup Artist Tip: When using waterproof eye makeup, remove it with makeup remover. This is imperative to keep your eyes clear and not agitated.

3. Highlight with Concealer: Use concealer as a highlight under the brow, which gives the benefit of lightening but also dries with a natural, matte texture. Most people think they can only achieve a highlight under the brow if they use a shimmering shadow, but this isn’t true.

You can also use this tip for any shadow look you create if you want to avoid shimmer. Concealer can do a perfect job of highlighting and brightening without using eyeshadow; be sure to start with a light amount and blend it with your finger or concealer brush.

To increase the intensity of the brightness, continue to apply additional layers and set them with a lightweight powder to ensure they stay in place throughout the day.

4. Use Cream vs. Powder: Using a cream shadow versus powder can give you a smoother texture when you want to avoid emphasizing fine lines. Because cream textures are more malleable, you can do a lot with cream blushes, shadows, and highlighters.

Using products that can be applied to all areas of the face is always a bonus, like this Multi-Stick from Bite Beauty. Make sure to blend with your finger and equally cover the eyelid to ensure the color spreads nicely and the finish is smooth. You can either top the cream with powder products or leave it alone!

5. When in doubt, do just what is necessary: Less is more, a lot of the time. If you need more clarification about a specific eyeshadow look, don’t press yourself to wear it. I always encourage clients who want to look polished but need to take a break from eyeshadow to shape the brow and wear lots of mascara.

If your eyelids appear discolored or have visible veins, using concealer can help create a more even skin tone. As you become more familiar with your personal style and preferences, you will be able to find the products that best meet your needs.

Can I Wear a Shimmery Shadow on a Mature Eye?

My eyes aren’t exactly those of a teenager, but I love the trendy eyeshadow. Should I wear the new shimmery shades, or should I look for another option?

Unfortunately, shimmer and glitter will make any fine lines or wrinkles stand out. If you are not a teenager, then you already know every little line around or on your eyes. So do not emphasize them by adding shimmer to make them stand out.

The Options:

If your eyes are starting to look more mature, you must always wear a good eyeshadow base. This will help to smooth out the eye and give your shadow a good place to stay.

With a base in place, if your heart is set on a color with a slight shimmer, then go for it.

Shadows with a little shine or shimmer are safe and won’t make your lines and wrinkles stand out. Conversely, using a too-matte shadow can make your eyes appear dry, cakey, and wrinkled. So with this in mind, choosing a slightly shimmery or regular shadow would be ideal for a more mature eyelid.

A Final Suggestion:

Bright colors are trendy and fun, but keep the colors to a minimum if you are worried about defining lines and wrinkles. Bright colors can work like glitter on a mature eyelid.

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