The 15 Best Tried-And-True Blushes For The Perfect Glow
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These are the absolute best blush products and shades ever, according to those who have actually tried them!

There are few things I love more in the beauty world than blush. It has the power to completely transform your appearance, making your complexion seem for energized and healthy with just a few quick swishes of a brush or blending strokes of a sponge. It can be tough to find the perfect product, though; as we talked about yesterday, there are so many on the market; how can you possibly try them all? To find out the best blusheswe asked our readers to share their absolute favorite formulas and shades.

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From powder blush to cream, gel to not-even-actual-blush, there were so many great recommendations that commenters told us about. If you’re searching for the perfect blush, try one of these out during your next visit to the makeup counter.

1. Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Blush

This was one of the most popular picks on our open thread, with StarNerdelementoad (what a cute username, by the way) Ally D’AluisioEmilyKWells2188and keanesian all naming it their fave. Ally noted its lasting abilities:

“I’m obsessed with Tarte’s Amazonian Clay blushes. There are so many color options, and they last FOREVER.”

EmilyKWells2188 agreed:

“Tarte’s Amazonian Clay blush – it’s super long-lasting and comes in great colors!”

StarNerd picked her favorite shade:

“Tarte Amazonian Clay blush in Exposed! It’s the bomb!”

Here’s what keanesian had to say about her trusty blush:

“I’ve been using Tarte’s Blushing Bride for YEARS. I love that it doesn’t need an applicator. It smells delicious and is super creamy and makes my skin soft.”

With reviews like that, I can’t imagine anybody not wanting to try this one!

2. NARS Matte Multiple

This spin on the cult favorite NARS Orgasm Blush (see #15) was named the favorite of LadyTavs, who said this:

I’ve been using Nars The Matte Multiple in Laos. It looks very bright and saturated, but you can just tap the product with your fingers and brush it on your cheeks, hairline, and even on your lips! It comes in a lot of bold colors, but don’t be afraid 🙂

Wise words, LadyTavs! We agree that you shouldn’t be afraid to try a bold shade–you never know when you’re going to fall in love with it.

3. Benefit Cosmetics CORALista

Who doesn’t love Benefit? After all, it’s one of our readers’ most trusted brands! Our commenter Moliss cited this as her fave, so if you’re hunting for the perfect coral shade (along with some adorable packaging), give this one a go.

4. Revlon ColorBurst Balm Stain

Rather than using blush, our reader Anne Marie Hawkins switches things up and instead applies this Revlon lip product instead! She says:

“My favorite blush is actually not a blush. Revlon matte color burst balm stain in Charm. It’s a great light, peachy pink that works for my death-warmed-over complexion, and I’m super lazy, so I love that I can swipe it on my cheeks, blend it a little, put it on my lips, and call it a day.”

Plus, it’s much more compact than most blushes, so if the room in your purse is limited, this might be a great option for you.

5. theBalm Hot Mama Shadow/Blush

Besides having amazing packaging, theBalm also has lots of wonderful products–especially for your complexion. Reader LittleBird had this to say on it:

“Right now, I’m using Hot Mama by the balm, which is a really nice warm pink color with a hint of gold in it. The color and wear are great…”

If you dig some shimmer on your cheeks, this could be great for you, but if that’s not your thing, LittleBird warns that “the shimmer makes my pores look bad.”

6. Daniel Sandler Watercolour Fluid Blusher

I’ll be honest, I had never heard of this brand until reader Alwyn recommended it to us, but after reading up on it, I think we all need to try it ASAP. It’s got fantastic reviews, beautiful packaging, and a rather stunning variety of colors in its repertoire.

7. Make Up For Ever HD Blush

As I said in my original post: this is one of the best blushes you’ll ever try. It comes in a wide variety of shades, is very buildable, and can be applied with lots of different tools, so no matter your cheek style, you can easily try it and fall in love.

8. Lancome Blush Subtil Delicate Oil-Free Powder Blush

This classic brand was named by commenter KZ, who says, “Lancome Blush Subtil in Miel Glace is amazing.”

9. Cargo Water Resistant Blush

Cargo’s eyeshadows, bronzer, and blush all have the same benefit: they are wonderfully long-lasting. If you’re like Taylor Swift and occasionally wear makeup while running, or if you’re like me and you sweat a lot, this pick could work wonders for your beauty routine. Gurl intern Candice Hufler notes that “it lasts all day, and the color is amazing!”

10. Smashbox Halo Long Wear Blush

This was my other personal recommendation, as it’s one of the few powder blushes I have ever found that looks natural, smooth, and never cakey or dry. If you love the fresh finish of cream blush but the ease of application for powders, this is the right product for you.

11. Benefit Cosmetics Dandelion

Another great pick from Benefit, this blush chosen by the reader is more of a pale pink shade, which reader Grace calls “perfect.”

12. Korres Cheek Butter

The texture of this stuff is unreal, guys. It’s so smooth but not remotely greasy or slippery; it just glides onto your skin like, well, butter. Reader Brooke says it’s her favorite:

“Korres cream blush. Awesome shades, great packaging, and a little goes a loooong way. I’ve had it for a year. I use it regularly, but it’s not even close to running out. I should probably throw it away anyway (because it has to expire sometime, right?)

“Also, it doubles as a gorgeous lip stain.”

Speaking of lips, this is an offshoot of Korres’ famous Lip Butters, so the Cheek Butter is a hydrating and soothing formula that features vitamin C and natural Shea Butter.

13. Nyx Cosmetics Cream Blush

Commenter RocketCan called this her favorite, explaining:

“NYX cream blush in Natural is the only blush I’ve ever been able to get behind and wear consistently. Also, I may only be 31, but I’m already finding that shimmery finishes on my cheeks don’t do me any favors.”

Inexpensive yet highly-effective: the perfect combination!

14. Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush

This drugstore pick from trusty reader Jen Pires is bright, pretty, and perfectly blendable!

15. NARS Orgasm Blush

The most famous of blush shades! While I admittedly was not as fond of this product as most when I reviewed it, that by no means makes it not a favorite of thousands upon thousands of people. It was named by Jessica, who says it will always be her favorite, as well as Anna, who says she prefers it “in the stick” and also uses it on her eyes and lips, making it a multipurpose product. Oh, and if you love the formula but prefer a more hot pink shade, reader Kristin says that Desire is the “perfect barbie pink on my pale skin, add an illuminator on top, and you look like you have fairy skin!”

Have you tried any of these products or have others to recommend? Let us know in the comments!

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