The human’s love for long, dark lashes is far from new. In fact, experts suggest there’s actually a psychological link between our association of thick luscious lashes and beauty.

With evidence like this, if you’re on the hunt for longer, thicker lashes, you’re in good company. Unfortunately, not all false eyelashes are created equally.

With extensions resulting in even fewer natural lashes and synthetic strips weighing down your eyelids, there’s really only one right option. Follow along to discover the benefits of mink eyelashes for your beauty needs and why you’ll never buy anything else again.

7 Benefits of Using Mink Eyelashes

1. Natural Look

The purpose of fake eyelashes is to enhance the natural lash. However, somewhere along the line, the enhancement of beautiful lashes resulted in caterpillar-like chunks of black mess.

This messy, unnatural look is the responsibility of cheap, synthetic lashes. While these options are often more accessible on a low budget, the chunky appearance makes them look exactly as they are – cheap and fake.

Mink eyelashes on the other hand are soft and natural. In fact, they are the closest thing out there to your natural eyelashes. This leaves you with eyelashes that are not only thicker and longer, but flattering to the eye.

2. Ultimate Comfort

Another unfortunate side effect when you apply eyelashes is the heavy, uncomfortable feeling of having a strip weighing your natural lashes down. Oftentimes, you’ll even notice the false eyelashes impeding your vision and making your eyelids feel heavy.

When you buy eyelashes made of mink from reputable sites such as, the discomfort of daily wear is greatly decreased.

Because mink is so light and mimics the feeling of your own lashes, you likely won’t even notice you have them on. What’s better yet is that the beautiful deep color of the lashes prevents you from having to cake on mascara, leaving your lashes even lighter and softer than with makeup alone.

3. Durable

As we mentioned above, synthetic eyelashes are often purchased because of their affordable price tag, however, the cheap lashes might actually be costing you more in the long run.

While the cost per set can be deceiving, mink lashes are actually far more durable than synthetics. Where you may get 3-4 uses out of a synthetic pair, you’ll get 20-30 out of your mink lashes. This results in a much lower cost over time.

Beyond the cost, the increased durability leaves your lashes looking beautiful for longer than any other option. Things like separation and shedding that can happen with synthetics as well as eyelash extensions simply don’t exist with mink. Instead, with proper care and handling, your mink lashes will stay beautiful and natural for their entire lifespan.

4. Flexible

Eyelash strips are designed and developed on a tray fashioned to be similar to the shape of an eye. Of course, with every eye being a different size and shape, it’s nearly impossible for a strip of lashes to be perfectly shaped for your eye.

In order to achieve the right shape, you’ll have to adjust the curve by curling your lashes around objects such as your mascara tube. While this fix has been known for years, the results with synthetic lashes are less than desirable.

Because synthetic strips are so stiff, they often return to their original shape. If you are already wearing them, this can leave you urgently adjusting your lashes in the middle of an important meeting or out on a date. Fortunately, you’ll never have to worry about lashing lifting off into a straight and stagnant line with your mink best friends.

Because mink lashes are so soft, they are flexible and easy to form to the exact right shape. This can help you better accentuate your unique eye shape and ensure a beautiful fit.

5. Gentle on Lashes

If you haven’t heard the eyelash extension horror stories, we’re here to fill you in.

When eyelash extensions are applied, they adhere to the existing lashes to add volume and length. Unfortunately, the weight on each individual lash often leads to faster shedding. As a result, many women find their lashes are actually thinner and shorter after eyelash extensions than before.

Essentially, by making your lashes longer, you’re actually damaging your natural lash and robbing it of the chance to be thick and luscious on its own.

Mink strip lashes or 3d eyelashes don’t grip individual lashes and are ultra-gentle on your natural lash line. This means you’ll still have your natural lashes fully intact should you decide to skip the lashes for a day.

6. Symmetrical Beauty

Remember the shedding we mentioned earlier? Well, if you’re on the hunt for symmetrical, beautiful lashes, shedding is your worst enemy.

As lashes shed and clump over time, the patchy appearance can leave you looking disheveled and half-done. Mink lashes on the other hand maintain a beautiful, symmetrical appearance that you can rely on long after the first wear.

After all, there’s no point investing in beautiful lashes if they leave your lashes looking worse than they do without any help.

7. Suitable for Men and Women

Women aren’t the only ones with eyelash insecurities. If you are a man looking for a solution to sparse or non-existent lashes, mink eyelashes are a great option.

Because these lashes are so natural-looking, you won’t end up looking like you’ve gotten into your sister’s makeup stash.

Whether you need them to give you some definition during a photoshoot or open up your eyes for an important event, mink eyelashes will supply you with the more natural, soft, and makeup-free looking lashes possible.

The Best Mink Eyelashes

Now that you know the benefits of mink eyelashes, it’s time to pick up your beautiful new pair. With results like this, you’ll never let anything else touch those beautiful luscious lashes again.

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