The worlds of fashion and beauty are full of rules. Do this, don’t do this. It’s a bore. And while the fashion industry’s rules are more famous–no white after labor day, no socks with sandals, etc.–the beauty world has its own pet demands to make of us, and they’re often just as silly. One of the big beauty rules is to pick either a statement lip or a dramatic eye, but never both, even though Taylor Swift up there does both at the same time all the time and looks spectacular for it.

So obviously, we should be like Taylor Swift and break beauty rules left and right. (Please do keep wearing sunscreen, though.) Do you wear makeup to the gym? Match your cosmetics to your outfit? Wear dark lip liner or “Instagram eyebrows”? What beauty “don’ts” do you do regularly?

Here are mine:

1. I use a cheap foundation.

The rule of thumb with makeup is that one is supposed to splurge on skin products like expensive, high-end foundations and concealers and then buy cheap drugstore eyeshadow, mascara, and lipstick because those are often just as good. But I love my $8 Cover Girl foundation.

I actually own expensive foundations and love them. My favorite fancy products include Armani Maestro Foundation and Laura Mercier’s Tinted Moisturizer. But my all-time favorite, the go-to foundation, is Max Factor’s Whipped Creme foundation. It is known in the U.S. as Cover Girl’s Whipped Creme Foundation (they are sister brands), and it is magnificent. It goes on so easily with just my fingers. I am lazy and hate hard work, so it is perfect for me.

2. I have dry skin and use pressed powder foundation. 

When I was a young girl, my mother told me that I should never use powder foundation because I have very dry skin. Powder foundation is for people with oily skin, and those of us with dry skin should use cream or liquid foundation, or else we will look old and dry, and chalky. But it’s just so easy to apply!

I know this one is bad. It settles in the lines on my face and makes me feel chalky all day. But it is so much easier to apply powder than liquid or cream foundation, and I am very lazy. Also, I like the idea of carrying around a dainty vintage compact of pressed powder like a fancy, fancy, old-timey lady. I have not yet found a pretty vintage compact to carry, but when I do, I will have a cake of pressed powder ready to stick in it.

3. I am a redhead, and I wear red lipstick.

People who say redheads can’t wear red clothes or red lipstick can just go right to heck.

4. I haven’t cleaned my makeup brushes, like, ever.

I’m sorry. I’m totally disgusting and will probably get MRSA like this poor Australian lady, but I basically never wash my makeup brushes.

5. I put pictures of myself without makeup all over the Internet. 

Whatever. YOLO. That’s what my face looks like.

Now it’s your turn! What beauty rules do you break on a regular?

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