How to improve your beauty business

Owning a beauty business, whilst rewarding, can be challenging too. Here are some top tips on ways you can elevate your business and maximise both profits and customer experience.

Listen to client feedback

Ultimately, businesses are nothing without their customers, so it is really important to take their feedback on board. Whether you gain feedback informally via conversations with clients, or more formally through surveys, it is always a good idea to listen to what customers are happy with and where they would like to see changes. Offering an anonymous feedback form can be a good option as people may feel more comfortable being open and honest about anything they are not happy with. Once you have collated feedback, be sure to action any changes you can, and communicate these changes so clients are aware that you are actively improving based on their wants and needs.

Offer retail options

An effective way to increase your profits and improve customer experience is to offer complementary retail options as part of your business. Allowing clients to purchase products that will enhance the treatment they have received means they are more likely to come back time and time again. Select products that truly complement the services you offer, for example, tan accelerators for sunbeds or cuticle oil for manicures.

Reward loyalty

Rewarding customers for their loyalty not only benefits them but can also have lots of benefits for your business. Rewarding customer loyalty can actually save you money as it encourages further loyalty meaning you have to spend less on marketing to new clients. Customers are also likely to speak higher of a business where they feel valued and so you are more likely to receive friend and family referrals from them.

Flex your opening hours

Flexing your opening hours doesn’t mean you need to be working all hours of the day but offering a ‘late night’ evening once a week or selective early morning slots is an effective way to increase your client base. There are lots of potential clients out there who will be looking for ‘out of hours’ appointments so making these available will open you up to that market. It is worth researching what it is clients are looking for before making these changes. Consider running some polls across your social media channels to find out the most popular times and days of the week.

Promote your services

Whether this is something you’ve never done or you’re currently doing it regularly, promoting the services you offer is crucial for success. Social media is extremely influential within the beauty industry, and when used well it can be a great tool for growing your business. If social media is new to you then consider undertaking some training to help learn how to use it to its full potential.


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