Making a self-care routine that works for you means cutting ties to all expectations and attachments that have given you insight into what your self-care should look like. YOU decide what will make you feel your best, so prioritizing the activities and routines that work for you as an individual should be how you create your routine. For more info on creating a self-care routine with you in mind, continue reading.

Your Body Care Practices

Taking care of your body is a multifaceted process. Your hygiene, diet, hydration, and physical exercise contribute to how well you care for your body. The body care practices you consider should make you feel your best. Find bath products that help you unwind and care for your skin.

Stay away from trends that don’t work for you. For example, some people might enjoy getting waxed every few weeks, whereas others would rather go to Tallahassee laser hair removal. Your body care is yours alone. There is no right or wrong here; self-care is about the self, so put yourself first.

Your Mind Comes First

It is easy to fixate on the physical aspects of self-care. While these activities positively impact the mind, they are often secondary to the first step in self-care: prioritizing the mind. If your mind is at peace, the rest can follow with greater ease.

However, there are some exceptions; for many people with depression, daily physical exercise is essential to finding relief. Even if exercising is the first step, you’re still putting your mind first because you’re creating a situation that improves your mental outlook through your physical efforts. You know yourself the best; do what feels right for you.

Social Engagement Matters A Ton

Social Engagement Matters A Ton

Surround yourself with others who lift your spirit and can keep you feeling optimistic about life. Even if you are nervous around others, you still need people to boost your mood and health. According to recent research findings, social connection directly influences health and may even increase longevity.

Take baby steps and start meeting new people. Go to the parties you’re invited to and do your best to get to know others in your community. Volunteering is another excellent way to get yourself out there. Find like-minded people that make you feel connected as part of your self-care.

Have A Nightly Routine

Your days are only as good as your wind-down routine. Going to bed earlier every night will set your morning up for success. You can get up earlier by going to bed sooner; many people skip this step and try to wake up early anyway, leading to sleep deprivation.

Unwind with self-care activities that make you feel good such as sipping on chamomile tea, reading a bedtime story, and dimming the lights.

Another trick for anyone with trouble waking up in the morning is to put your alarm clock in another room so you are forced to throw off the covers in the morning.

Give Yourself Grace

You are a human being trying your best to run through the ups and downs of life. Take your time achieving the things you desire, and don’t give up on yourself. Give yourself grace when needed, and remember that no one is perfect. How you speak to yourself can tremendously affect your self-care and your ability to improve your outlook overall.

Feel Your Best

Make a self-care routine that is enjoyable for you by incorporating the mind and body practices that leave you feeling good. Don’t worry about how others practice self-care; focus on feeling your best, and the rest will follow.

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