When it comes to hair care, there are plenty of things that are really great for your locks. From avocados to eggs to argan oil, a lot of food items will do your hair good, unlike your skin. You already know that you can damage your hair by using too much heat or by over-washing.

How to Create a Hair Regimen That Works for You

But did you know that you’re probably using a ton of products that are secretly damaging your hair? There are so many ingredients lurking in your hair products that are causing a lot of damage. Even in products that promise to help your hair! You have to be really careful when you’re looking at the ingredients labels, which is something you should start doing if you’re not already.

Preserve your hair’s natural beauty with products derived from nature. From shampooing to styling and everything in between, you’ll discover the secrets to getting top-notch tresses.

Need suggestions on how to design a regimen specifically for your needs? This article helps you create a hair care plan!

Tips to Help to Get Healthy Looking Hair

Are you sick of your tired, dull, dry, limp, gross, or fried hair? It’s okay; you don’t have to admit that your hair has seen better days. Maybe the weather has your hair in a mess; perhaps you’re over-processed with color or texturizing services or just in desperate need of a haircut. Whatever the reason, incorporating a few of these tips, tricks, and products in your hair routine will help you get beautiful, shiny, body-full hair while you get your hair in great condition.

Deep Conditioning Tips

Deep conditioners should be used (at minimum) once per week if your hair is very dry or damaged. You may find that your specific hair type may require more deep conditioning or even daily deep conditioning. To get the most effective results out of your deep conditioner, try these tips:

  • Apply an ample amount of your deep conditioner to clean towel-dried hair and comb through with a wide-tooth comb or your fingers.
  • Cover with a shower cap or plastic wrap and then wrap with a hot towel (fresh from the dryer), or apply heat for a few minutes with your hairdryer.
  • Let the conditioner sit for ten to thirty minutes (or for really dry locks, leave on overnight), and rinse very, very well. Some heavy deep conditioners will need to be shampooed out—dry and style as usual.

Deep Conditioning Hair Mask – Help Repair Damaged Hair

One of the hottest trends in hair care is natural hair masks and hair rinses that you can make from basic ingredients found in most kitchens. After all, why spend $$ or $$$ on a bottle of fancy conditioner when you can make an amazing one from products that cost pennies?

Having a good deep conditioner in your collection is important for maintaining well-moisturized hair that doesn’t break easily. The La Paloma Beauty Argan Oil Hair Mask is designed to be used after cleansing. Apply and cover with a plastic cap, then sit under a warm dryer for 5-10 minutes. I used it with and without heat and got good results each time.

Using a deep conditioner on a routine basis helps to keep hair healthy and moisturized. This inexpensive option from La Paloma Beauty is comparable to some salon brands.

How does healthy hair stay that way? Or how can you revive dry hair into a healthier state? Regular conditioning is key. When it comes to hair care, having more than one type of conditioner helps to keep your moisture levels at an optimal level. This means you need a rinse-out conditioner to use immediately after shampooing, a leave-in conditioner to apply right before styling, and a deep conditioner to use throughout the month. This offering from La Paloma Beauty is an affordable option that really delivers in the conditioning department.

La Paloma Beauty Argan Oil Hair Mask
Photo Credit: Amazon

How to Use It

Use this product as you would most deep conditioning treatments. It’s best to apply right after shampooing with a moisturizing cleanser to damp hair.

As the phrase “hair mask” suggests, this conditioner is very thick and designed to fully coat each hair strand. It has a light, pleasant scent; nothing overpowering.

After coating your hair and combing through it, cover with a plastic cap or hot towel and let sit for about 5 to 10 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly. If your hair is in good shape already, use it once or twice a month, but if your tresses are “dry, damaged, and broken,” use it once or twice a week until your hair gets healthier. Then you can taper off usage to about twice per month.

How Well Does It Work?

This deep conditioning hair mask works extremely well. As I normally do, I used a paddle brush to work this product throughout my hair. It makes it very easy to comb through tangled tresses, but always begin at the bottom and detangle as you go up the hair shaft. I let it sit in my hair for 5 to 10 minutes, and after rinsing, my hair was super soft. It rinsed clean and left behind a pleasant scent.

When I get lazy about deep conditioning hair masks, and my hair begins to feel dry, I need a product to get my hair back into shape in a hurry, and this is one hair treatment mask that will do that. Don’t get lazy about conditioning, however — the more consistent you are with a routine, the less likely it is you’ll need emergency care to repair damage or breakage. When working it through your hair, make sure your ends are completely covered, as this will protect against the dryness that so often affects this part of the hair.

Should You Try It?

I say yes, particularly if you don’t currently have a hair mask for dry damaged hair you love. You’ll also want to give it a try if you color, chemically straighten, or regularly thermal style your locks.

Whether your hair is already healthy or in need of extra pampering due to overprocessing, excessive dryness, or breakage, the rich, emollient formula of this hair mask is designed to provide extra moisture.

I find it comparable to some salon brands I’ve used, and at a fraction of the price, I consider it a good buy. At the very least, you can try this product without busting your budget if you find it doesn’t work for you, but chances are, you’ll be pleased with the results.

Where to Find

La Paloma Beauty is an affordable and easy-to-find brand. If you want to try the Argan Oil Hair Mask, visit the company website or Amazon for additional tips and product recommendations. The La Paloma Beauty Argan Oil Hair Mask is now sold exclusively on Amazon, and Amazon handles the product’s marketing and fulfillment.

Do’s and Don’ts for Deep Conditioning

Do's and Don'ts for Deep Conditioning
Yellow Dog Productions/Taxi/Getty Images.

You know you need to deep condition your hair, but you’re not sure how to go about it to get the best results. How often? What type of product should you use? Do you need heat?

A lot of women don’t take the time for this incredibly helpful part of a hair care routine, and they should. It’s not difficult, and you can often multitask while caring for your tresses this way. To get the most from the deep conditioning process, here are some do’s and don’ts.


  • Deep treat regularly: The right hair regimen for you relies on doing things for your mane on a regular basis. Your hair won’t get the most benefits from deep conditioning — a crucial part of maintaining moisture — if you only remember to do it every now and then. Just as cleansing should be a routine part of hair care, deep conditioning needs to fit into your schedule as well. If you’re having trouble finding the time, use the time spent under a plastic cap to sit down and catch up on bills, read a book, surf the ‘net, or simply sit and relax.
  • Use heat: It’s not required, but low heat helps conditioners penetrate your hair more effectively. Don’t worry that you have to go out and buy an expensive hood dryer. Bonnet dryers, including attachments that fit onto a handheld blow dryer, work just as well. You can also heat a towel in the microwave and then wrap it around your hair.
  • Pick the right product: A deep conditioner’s main job is to moisturize your hair, but they aren’t all the same. Some treatments contain more protein, which is helpful for the woman who needs strengthening as well. Make sure you choose the right conditioner for you; if you don’t need the added protein, your tresses may begin to feel dry over time. However, if you relax and/or color your hair, a treatment with a boost of protein will help to keep your mane strong.


  • Forget to detangle: You want all of your hair covered with a conditioner, so this is a prime time to detangle with a comb, even if you normally only finger detangle. As long as you slather your tresses thoroughly, it should be easy to run a wide-tooth comb through them. Start from the bottom and work your way up toward your roots for the smoothest detangling session.
  • Routinely leave on overnight: It’s not unusual to get tired and fall asleep with your deep conditioning treatment on. Some women, however, get into the habit of overnight treats in the belief that more is always better. While it’s very hard to over-condition black hair, it can happen. Leaving your hair in a constantly damp state can lead to porosity problems, making your hair feel mushy when wet. An occasional overnight deep treatment is fine, but avoid doing it every time you deep condition.
  • Skimp on the product: Now is not the time to be stingy! Deep conditioners work best when thoroughly coating all of your hair strands. One of the reasons they’re so thick is that this consistency makes it easier to cling to your tresses without dripping off. To get the most benefits from the process, apply enough product to completely coat your hair.

If you know you need to deep condition more frequently, it’s not hard to do. Just make sure you do it correctly so that your hair stays as moisturized as possible.

10 Hair Resolutions That Anyone Can Keep

10 Hair Resolutions That Anyone Can Keep
Verity Jane Smith/Stockbyte/Getty Images.

Whether or not it’s the start of a new year, or you’re simply determined to get your tresses healthier starting today, making hair resolutions is a great place to start on the road to better hair.

These 10 resolutions work for anyone and any hair length or texture. You don’t have to wait until January 1 to resolve to make your hair the best it can be!

Keeping your hair healthy year-round is the first step in the battle for a great hair day. Here we’ve gathered all you need to know about keeping your hair in tip-top shape, from shampooing to conditioning treatments and every trick in between.

A hair care routine should consist of the following:


Cleansing is non-negotiable, but the schedule you shampoo and condition on is up to you. But make sure you schedule this time, just as you would any important appointment. Maybe it’s once per week, maybe once every 10 days. Don’t neglect cleansing even if you have to drop another task to do it. Clean hair is healthy hair; plus, it’s well-moisturized. Dirty hair and a dirty scalp can suffer dryness and a lack of growth, so don’t put off cleansing.

Whatever day of the week you choose to shampoo and condition, stick to it, and only break this appointment when absolutely necessary. Also, be sure to reschedule as soon as possible!

Lay Off Heat

It sounds easy enough, but some ladies are seriously addicted to their heat tools. You don’t have to give up your flat iron completely, but if your hair is dry, brittle, and breaking, laying off on direct heat will definitely help. If you need to take baby steps toward this resolution, resolve to cut your heat usage in half to start with.

So, instead of a couple of times per week, cut back to only once per week. In addition, look for heat-free styling methods like wet wraps and roller sets; once you master gentler ways to style your hair, you may find you like them better, especially if the health of your mane improves at the same time.

Deep Condition More

We’re all busy people, but regular deep conditioning should be a part of your hair care routine. The great thing about deep treating is that you can easily multitask while your hair gets the conditioning it needs.

Applying heat helps, but you can always wrap your hair in a plastic cap, cover it with a towel and use your body heat instead of sitting under a dryer. If your deep conditioning is hit-or-miss right now, resolve to deep treat your hair at least twice a month to start.

Keep Your Tools Clean

No matter how much you shampoo your tresses, if you style them with dirty tools, your hair won’t be really clean. Our combs and brushes can get a lot of buildup on them, so cleaning them regularly helps keep your mane clean and healthy.

Resolve to give your styling tools a good cleansing at least once per month.

Get Trims As Needed

We’re not all on the same trim schedule because it really depends on how much we do to our hair. However, all hair should be trimmed at some point.

For some of us, this timetable may be every six weeks, while others can get away with it every few months. If your ends are looking ragged or you’re dealing with extra tangling, a trim will definitely help.

Resolve to set up a trim schedule based on your hair’s particular needs, and then make sure to stick to it.

Streamline Your Routine

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all your hair care practices, it’s possible you’re doing much more than is necessary, and you could probably cut out some steps.

While pre-poo treatments are wonderful, you don’t need to do them every single time you shampoo if your tresses aren’t feeling very dry. The same goes for oil rinsing, picking through single-strand knots, and excessive detangling.

All you really need to do to your hair for it to remain healthy is: cleanse, condition, deep condition, moisturize and, in some cases, add protein. Everything else is extra and should be done on an as-needed basis. If your hair care routine is taking over your life, resolve to review it, keep what works, and ditch the rest.

Moisturize Often

Hair craves moisture, so if you’re not currently applying moisture in the form of water or water-based products and then sealing it in, your tresses may feel drier than they should.

You don’t necessarily need to moisturize your hair every day. As you learn how your hair feels when it’s actually dry, you’ll come to know how often you should apply a moisturizing product.

Resolve to apply a moisturizer as needed, whether it’s daily or once per week. If you don’t feel you need to apply the product all over, make sure to at least dab your ends.

Choose Gentle Styles

Any hairstyles that pull on your hairline for long periods of time can eventually cause breakage; sometimes, this breakage is permanent.

Don’t let traction alopecia happen to you! Instead of tight ponytails and heavy braid extensions, look for gentler, low-manipulation hairdos more often than not.

Resolve to save those tight styles for a few occasions while opting for gentler hairstyles the majority of the time.

Visit a Pro for the Big Stuff

It’s time- and money-saving to apply chemicals to your hair at home, but sometimes, the results aren’t worth it.

How many times has a color job turned into a big fail and nothing like what you saw on the box? Has a relaxer ever over-processed on your tresses, leaving you with spongy strands that have no life at all?

Resolve to find a professional who you trust, even if you can only afford to visit her when you need a relaxer or color touch-up.

Treat Your Hair Like Gold

Great hair doesn’t just happen; it’s made through a consistent routine that includes gentle handling.

This means no rough treatment like raking a comb through tangles or neglecting the basics for health care. If you truly want beautiful, healthy hair, you must treat it like it’s important to you.

Resolve to pamper and fuss over your mane by taking your time with styling and care.

Stick to What Works for You

With all of the hair care advice floating around today, how do you know what to do if some pieces of information contradict each other?

Although most hair gurus and experts sing the praises of protective styling, what if the one you most admire says she never does that and always wears her hair loose?

If her hair is flourishing, she must be, right, right? When it comes to hair, you must find what works for you — and then stick with it, no matter what anyone else says.

If your hair loves mineral oil, then use products that contain it. If you know your hair only thrives when twisted or braided, stay with that.

Resolve to take useful bits of info and apply it while leaving the rest behind.

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