How To Choose the Best Lash Extensions To Use

The lash extension industry has been booming for the last several years. Many new women are picking up the trend and trying it out for the first time. There are several qualities to look for in lash extensions. So here’s a guide on how to choose the best lash extensions to use.


The first thing to consider when choosing the best lash extensions to use is material. Lash extensions come in a few types of materials, such as mink, silk, and synthetic materials. Mink lashes tend to be fluffy and lightweight, making them easy to wear. However, they break a bit more easily, requiring more frequent refills. Silk lashes are soft and thicker at their base. If you’re interested in volume, then silk lashes are the way to go. Synthetic lashes aren’t as soft as mink or silk, but they’re the most versatile type of lash.


Length is the second thing to consider when choosing the best lash extensions. Typically, we imagine luxurious long lashes when we think of extensions. However, lash extensions come in various lengths. So if you’re interested in a more natural length, there’s an option available to you. Generally, lashes range from 5 mm to 18 mm in length. Lashes that are too heavy run the risk of damaging the natural hair follicles, so avoid this. The best practice is to use extensions that are 3 to 5 mm longer than your natural lashes.


The third thing to consider when choosing lash extensions is volume. To create a voluminous look with lash extensions, lash artists use clusters of lashes to construct a fan. Professionals categorize these clusters by the number of individual lashes within each fan. For example, a 3D lash is a fan that has three individual lashes within it, while a 6D fan would be a cluster with six individual lashes.


Curl is the fourth thing to consider when picking out your lash extensions. Lashes come in many types of curl patterns, so you’ll want to pick the best curl for the look you’re trying to achieve. For example, a B-curl is the most natural-looking curl type, while a D-curl is a more dramatic look. If you’re unsure what curl type will look best with your particular eye type, consult your lash artist to find the curl that will work best for you.

Now that you know how to choose the best lash extensions to use, you can begin picking yours out today! If you need additional help selecting the lashes for your eye shape, you can get advice and direction from a certified lash artist.

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