Enhancing your salon’s services with hair extensions will open up new opportunities for financial growth and client satisfaction. You can increase your earnings and leave a lasting impression by offering a diverse range of hair extension methods to cater to every individual’s needs.

This informative guide delves into hot fusion hair extensions in collaboration with esteemed experts. This unique extension method ensures durability and guarantees unparalleled comfort, and a seamless blend, making it an instant hit among your valued customers.

Keep reading to learn about this long-lasting, incredibly comfortable, and invisible hair extension process!

What Are Hot Fusion Hair Extensions?

Hot fusion hair extensions create a stunning and natural look by attaching individual hair bunches to the client’s natural hair using keratin tips.

Using a heating iron, the keratin bond seamlessly fuses the extension with the client’s hair. This meticulous fusion technique ensures a secure and reliable hold, resulting in long-lasting and gorgeous results.

The magic lies in the fact that human hair is made up of 95% keratin, making this technique effective and a perfect match for achieving a flawless blend.

How Are Fusion Hair Extensions Different from Other Hair Extensions?

No adhesive or tape is used, as hot fusion bonds the hair strands to the client’s hair using keratin. As the bonds are more subdued in the hair, they provide a naturally blended look with the client’s hair and allow far greater styling flexibility. Also, the weight of each fusion hair extension is distributed more evenly using the hot fusion technique.

How Do I Choose Hot Fusion Hair Extensions?

Choose hot fusion hair extensions that are incredibly flexible and soft, such as the fusion hair extensions offered by New Times Hair. They are the first fusion hair extensions to include a weak keratin bond, which provides a softer and more covert bond using the unique keratin formula.

Always choose fusion hair extensions made of 100% Remy human hair, like most fusion hair extensions offered at New Times Hair. Their fusion hair extensions have an 8mm width with layered ends for a natural blend and optimal customizability.

Who Is the Ideal Wearer?

New Times Hair fusion hair extensions are versatile and can be worn by almost every female:

  • Wearers longing for fullness: New Times hair fusion hair extensions, various types of soft keratin bonds are imperceptible around the hairline and fringe, allowing the wearer to possess long-lasting fullness without damaging the natural hair. Their hair extensions are available in lengths from 10 to 30 inches, perfect for wearers with shorter hair wanting fullness!
  • Fine-haired wearers: Fusion hair extensions offered by New Times Hair are lightweight and can be installed in fragile areas or worn by wearers with finer hair textures.
  • Wearers who enjoy wearing their hair up: The soft keratin bond provides 360° flexibility for the most flexible styling options while remaining undetectable in the hair!
  • Wearers who want to change their hair color without using chemicals: With 21 colors available, you may refresh your customer’s look without using chemical color, thanks to the countless color combinations and bond placement options.
  • Clients after a full head of undetectable, long-lasting hair extensions: New Times Hair fusion hair extensions are available in nine lengths (10-30″). You can install a full head of fusion hair extensions for any customer, whether she wants extra length.

How Long Do Hot Fusion Hair Extensions Take to Install?

It usually takes 3 to 5 hours to install hot fusion hair extensions on the wearer’s entire head. Moreover, New Times Hair can handle the time-consuming task of cutting the top of each bond to make them more covert. Hotheads pre-customized the bond to be 1 cm high, thus reducing the amount of time needed for application.

How Long Do Hot Fusion Hair Extensions Usually Last?

The single-wear, longest-lasting option is New Times Hair’s fusion hair extensions, which may be worn for three to five months.

How Do I Install Hot Fusion Hair Extensions?

Hotheads provide flat and rolling application options. The rolling technique is better for face-framing, color effects, or high-visibility sections. In contrast, flat fusion hair extensions work best for increasing density and length over the bulk of the application.

You can even try out a short course on the following:

  • Installation, removal, cutting, and combining with your hands
  • Client consultations and color-matching
  • Installing fusion hair extensions on a mannequin head
  • In-depth product knowledge
  • Maintenance and at-home customer care

What Tools Do I Use to Install Fusion Hair Extensions?

When you sign up for certification at some practical courses, you usually get a package with everything you need to start selling fusion hair extensions. You will get all tools necessary for you to install fusion hair extensions.

  • Finger Sectioning Ring: Cleaning up parts as you work is simple with this adjustable ring with a point at one end.
  • Rattail Brush: provides clean, accurate sectioning while detangling extensions and hair without causing damage.
  • Single-Prong Duckbill Clips: Essential for keeping wefts in place while being installed.
  • Fusion Hair Extensions Shield: They are significant because they align the bond for comfort and safety and isolate the client’s hair for application.
  • Alligator Hair Clips: Hold the client’s hair in place with these non-slip clips.
  • Remove Tool: The Diamond-Head tool efficiently and gently breaks keratin connections.
  • Thermal Glove: Wear these heat-resistant gloves during installation for your personal comfort.
  • Practice Hair: You will receive 100 single-use pieces of human hair to exercise and hone your skills.
  • Thermal Training Applicator: This temperature-controlled equipment enables safe application when learning how to install KeraflexTM extensions.
  • Remove Gel: This alcohol-based gel breaks away keratin connections for gentle and safe removal.

How Do I Remove Fusion Hair Extensions?

Removing fusion hair extensions is simple and painless. For flawless and secure removal, removal gels and tools are used together. Similar to how we remove the tape, the gel assists in cleaning off any lingering particles.

You’ll discover how to eliminate fusion hair extensions throughout the certification course!

New Times Hair fusion hair extensions are straightforward to remove!

Do Hot Fusion Hair Extensions Damage Natural Hair?

Fusion hair extensions are fastened to the head with keratin, which is the substance that forms human hair. New Times Hair fusion hair extensions guarantee the utmost comfort and safety. Each hair extension bunch can be moved 360 degrees with the fusion method. So no matter how your customer wears their hair, there won’t be any tugging or snagging.

Is There Any Downtime after Fusion Hair Extensions Are Installed?

Along with most hair extension installations, the customer should hold off before making significant changes to the hair extensions. Waiting 48 hours before bathing, working out, or swimming, and not using chemical treatments on the hair during that time.

How Should My Client Care for Hot Fusion Hair Extensions at Home?

Because they know that no matter how gorgeous the results, how the customer takes care of her hair when she is not in the salon determines how long her extensions will last. Hair extension specialists carry a lot of time discussing at-home care with clients.

Here’s how your client should care for hot fusion hair extensions at home:

  • All the guidelines for taking care of fusion hair extensions still apply, including not letting the hair get too damp before bed and brushing it daily.
  • While heat-styling the hair using hot fusion hair extensions, you must be careful and not heat the bonds.
  • Avoid smoothing treatments and toning shampoos on fusion hair extensions.
  • Hotheads have an extension-specific wet line you can send home with your customers to ensure they will look after their hair extensions correctly.


Hot fusion hair extensions consist of small bunches of synthetic or human hair with keratin tips for a secure attachment. This method instantly adds length and volume to the wearer’s hair. The extension bunch seamlessly fuses with the natural hair by heating the keratin bond.

Since 95% of our natural hair is composed of keratin, the result is undetectable extensions that blend seamlessly. If you’re interested in offering fusion hair extensions to your clients, consider taking a short course to acquire the tools and skills necessary to install and maintain fusion hair extensions.

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