Are you ready to branch out into the world of wigs? If so, you’re in for a treat. Today’s wigs offer so much versatility in terms of length, color, texture, and styling opportunities. You can easily create the look of your dreams without doing anything to your own hair. To get the best look from any wig, follow these wig-wearing tips, which are designed to make your hair enhancement virtually undetectable.

Want Your Wig to Look Fabulous? These Tips Will Help | Wig Wearing Tips

Flatten Your Own Hair as Much as Possible

You have to deal with your own hair before slipping into your wig. If your hair is very short, you can just put on a wig liner. Short bob wigs can be wrapped in place. For longer hair, however, you need to secure your hair so that the wig sits as close to your scalp as possible. Bulkiness is a dead giveaway that you’re wearing a wig. Cornrows are a popular under-wig style. The good thing is that your cornrow braids don’t have to be particularly neat since no one’s going to see them, so if your skills aren’t perfect, that’s okay. While two French braids would work, the more braids you create, the smaller they are, which allows your hair to be as flat as possible before putting on your wig.

Cut if Necessary

You don’t have to put on a wig as-is, especially if you feel it could use a tweak or two to make it more flattering on you. If you’re comfortable with snipping it yourself, you can try to create a better face-framing look. However, you might want to visit your stylist for the task. Use hair shears for trimming, not your household scissors or kitchen shears.

Use a Wig Cap Liner

Once your hair is flattened, your wig will probably sit better on your head if you wear a liner underneath it. Liners are very inexpensive and come in a range of colors and materials like mesh, nylon, cotton, and poly blends. Adding this layer helps to secure your wig once it’s in place as well as protects your natural hair from the wig cap. Although the liner won’t be seen, you might want to choose a color that’s close to your wig hair color.

Choose the Right Wig Cap

Not to be confused with the liner, the wig cap is the part of the wig that the hair is attached to. Not all wig caps are the same. Common options include:

  • Hand-tied
  • Monofilament
  • Lace front
  • Basic

Hand-tied caps feature a very natural movement and create extremely realistic-looking wigs. Plus, these are considered the softest cap, so they are perfect for anyone who wears wigs due to hair loss. Monofilament caps allow you to part your wig hair wherever you like. Lace fronts are designed to have a natural-looking hairline so that they can be worn off of the face. The basic cap is generally on the least expensive type of wig and the most common type.

You can try different caps to see which you like best, but most women can get away with the basic version, allowing for easy, affordable wig wear.

Secure Your Wig

Once your wig is in place, you should be able to adjust it for the most secure fit. Your wig may have an adjustment band with Velcro closures or small hooks that fit into the band pockets. Be sure to tighten the band, but not so tightly that it becomes uncomfortable for you to wear. Once you’ve secured it, make sure you can move your head freely without any discomfort.

Proper Wig Care Goes a Long Way

Be sure to remove your wig every night before bed, brush it out, and store it properly. This ensures a longer shelf life for your wig. Plus, the better you care for it, the better it looks on you. Because some women get into the habit of naming their wigs, you wouldn’t want to let “Betty” or “Princess” down by not taking great care of them, would you?

Choosing and Caring for Your Wig

Wigs and extensions have become a huge industry. Every celebrity, model and news anchor you see is sporting at least some amount of fake hair on their heads. Young ladies won’t leave home without their hair extensions, and even low-maintenance types are popping wigs on for special events or weddings. Whatever your reason for wanting to invest in a wig, depending on what type you get, it will be just that, an investment. Good wigs aren’t cheap, and how you take care of them will determine the lifespan of your wig.

Below we’ll go over different types of wigs, some of their issues, and how to solve them.

Choosing and Caring for Your Wig

Choosing Your Hair Type

Wigs can range in price from $25 to $2500 and up, depending on the hair type and style you choose.

If you’re looking for a temporary solution and want a wig for a costume or one-off event, I’d stay on the cheaper end and find a good synthetic wig. But, if you’re client is looking for a permanent solution and has experienced hair loss because of stress or medical issues, I’d spring for the real thing.

Synthetic wigs are cheap because what you see is what you get. You can trim and cut synthetic wigs, but you can’t color them or apply any heat, or else your new ‘do will melt right before your eyes.

Natural human hair wigs can be colored and styled, but keep in mind that over processing and styling can shorten the life of your expensive, natural wig. And obviously, unlike the hair that grows out of your head, once you cut a wig, nothing’s growing back. So air on the side of caution when having your wigs trimmed.


One of the biggest complaints that clients come to me about their wigs is tangling. No matter if they’re expensive, inexpensive, synthetic or real – they all love to tangle.

The natural oils from our scalp work to protect natural hair from tangling, but obviously, a wig doesn’t get the same treatment. Applying a small amount of shine or smoothing serum throughout the strands of your wig will mimic the lubricating effects and help to keep your wig tangle-free.

Also, keep in mind what kind of fabrics you wear with your wig. Big wool sweater and jackets tend to rough up a wig and make it tangle, whereas softer, silkier fabrics let the hair flow.

If you do find yourself in a tangly mess, be gentle! I’d first start with a wide-tooth comb to gently loosen up any major knots and then finish with a paddle brush.

Washing Your Wig

If you’ve invested in a natural hair wig that you’re wearing often, you’ll have to be serious about the care and maintenance of it. Washing your wig is an important step in wig-care.

Depending on how frequently you wear your wig, and how much product you use in it, will decide how often you should wash. A good rule is to wash it once a week if you’re wearing your wig daily.

Choosing what you wash your wig with is very important. Only use sulfate-free, low pH shampoos, and conditioners, and don’t scrub the hair like you would on your head. The proper way to wash a wig is to drag your fingers through the hair, gently rubbing the strands through your fingers as you go. To rinse – dip the hair into the water and gently squeeze the hair to remove the product.

The Best Wig Stores Online

On any given day, you probably pass by a lot more wigs than you may expect. The industry has grown for many reasons. Celebrity culture shows stars sporting a different hairstyle each week, wearing a wig, in general, has become less taboo. On a sadder note, as more people are diagnosed and treated for cancer, the demand for high-quality, natural-looking wigs is higher than ever. I often get asked about the best online wig stores, and honestly, I always refer to the same one, so I decided to do some research and spread the love around a little.

The Best Wig Stores Online

The first thing to note when going shopping for a wig – prepare to lay down some cash. Wigs made from natural hair don’t come cheap. And if you’re looking to do any heat styling or coloring to your wig, you’re going to have to go with 100% human hair wigs. You can find plenty of natural “looking” wigs by going for a synthetic option, so don’t be discouraged if you just want to find a wig for a quick change or a specific event. Just know going into it that there will be a big price gap between the two options.

The first step when shopping around for natural looking human hair wigs is to sample the different styles, from the dozens of available choices.

Kriyya Hair is the premier wigs online outlet with one of the largest online collections of human hair wigs with very competitive prices. When shopping around for an online wig store, make sure you check out whether they have the widest range of choices available.

Visit Kriyya Hair today and check out their luxurious range of 100% Human Hair Wigs.

Custom Human Hair

For a luxurious wig buying experience, custom hair won’t disappoint. Prepare to lay down some serious cash in these stores, with wigs ranging from $400-$3000. The investment is sure to please, though, as these shops turn out wigs of the highest quality and craftsmanship.

Women aren’t the only clients shopping for a wig, and if you’re a man who’s looking to find a hairpiece or wig for reasons due to natural thinning or medical treatments, then custom hair replacement is the shop for you. is my favorite option for one-stop 100% human hair wig shopping. Their huge selection of wigs will guarantee that you’ll find what you’re looking for. On top of their huge wig selection, you can find hairpieces, wefts, and extensions. The prices are right, and if they don’t have a specific color or style that you’re looking for, they’ll be more than happy to custom order it for you.

5 Tips on Choosing a Wig

Wigs can add fun and versatility to your hairstyle repertoire. With so many affordable and realistic-looking options, every woman can find a perfect wig to wear for different occasions. Choosing one isn’t always as simple as it seems. Just like you have flattering hairstyles that work better for you than others, the same goes for wigs. Make sure you select the right wig or wigs for the best overall look.

Tips on Choosing a Wig


One area where wigs have truly advanced is in their texture. While you can still find cheap, synthetic-hair wigs that look like they’re made of plastic, you can spend a little more and get a high-quality one that mimics human hair flawlessly. If you’re going for the most realistic appearance, choose a wig with a texture that closely matches your own. That doesn’t mean it needs to be very curly; if that’s how your natural texture is, it simply means don’t buy a wig that screams “fake hair” unless that’s the look you’re after. There are many different textures to choose from these days, so settling for a wig in a texture that doesn’t suit you doesn’t have to be an option.


Just as everyone has a hairstyle that really suits her, the color of your hair can make you look radiant and glowing, or washed out and drab. One of the more fun aspects of wearing wigs is being able to choose whatever color you like without damaging your own hair. However, if you’re not trying to get away with pastel-colored hair, select wigs that complement your complexion (the same way you select makeup). If you know that platinum blonde isn’t a good color on your real hair, don’t choose a wig in that shade. Instead, stick with a wig color that makes you look fabulous.


Another of the fun things about wearing a wig is that you can instantly have hair trailing down your back, or that cute pixie style you’ve been dying to try — without the wait or without shears cutting away inches of hair! When going for a long look, it’s best not to go overboard. After all, you still have to bear the weight of the wig. This includes volume, too.


You can buy a wig online these days, but if you want to be 100% sure about the fit and how you look in the wig, nothing beats shopping in person. An experienced wig shop owner can be very helpful in recommending a wig for you. Plus, you’ll be confident of the fit before buying; this is important as not everyone accepts returns. Don’t feel rushed into buying a wig, either. Some of them are a real investment, and you should be completely satisfied before spending your money on such a personal purchase. A wig that fits perfectly onto your head will be more comfortable to wear and much more flattering than a wig that constantly slides sideways.

Your Face Shape

There may be more than one very flattering hairstyle for you, but any style that looks great on you have to work with your face shape. Whether your face is round, square, oval or heart-shaped — a center or side part, wigs with bangs or layers are all factors that can make or break your overall look. Fortunately, today’s wigs are often very realistic when it comes to parts; you’re not stuck with bangs if that’s not what you want. Whatever hairstyles complement your features should be considered when selecting a wig.

A short flipped out bob wigs hairstyle with bangs and layers everywhere. It has an average, adjustable capsize and measures 14.25″ around the crown, and 6-8″ in length. Choose from several colors or easily special order a color that suits you. Very sophisticated, simple, and almost appropriate for any face shape.

Three Straight & Versatile Wig Styles

Wearing straight wig styles can be tricky for some face shapes, but not impossible. There are times we all want to wear the latest bob wigs, wigs with bangs, or layered straight cut. If you have a narrow face, straight wig styles can make your face appear longer and more narrow. But fuller faces look amazing with straight tresses. Extensions can also easily add length to your hair in the places you feel most comfortable, and give you more versatility when parting and styling the hair.

Versatile Wig Styles

Here are a few hair extensions you can find at Kriyya online store:

  • This clip-on adds length to a bang or wherever you like. Think of the long bang and short hair cut that superstar Rihanna has worn or other celebrities. This option is inexpensive and comes in 6, 8, or 12 inches. Pick a color to highlight your own color or to blend naturally. Several options come from this simple choice. Wear it to work, out with friends or not at all. You are in control of the look you want!
  • Razor-sharp cuts give you a dramatic look and face-framing style. The mixed color makes this fun and great to wear in the office or out with your friends.
  • From the reviews on the site — many people find this a very versatile wig yet simple enough to wear daily.
  • If you like classic and timeless — this Cleopatra wig is perfect. If your forehead is smaller, you could trim the wigs with bangs if you wish.
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