The long bob is a classic and versatile haircut, that can be adapted and tweaked for different hair types and textures, face shapes, and lifestyles.

The long bob has been popular for decades, seen on many actresses, musicians, influencers, models, reality show stars, etc.

The length of this hairstyle can vary depending on the person’s preference. The most common length falls between the chin and shoulder.

The long bob is a great idea for anyone who wants more versatility in their haircut, as it can be styled in many ways, from straight to curly, and anything in between.

Here are five reasons why you should consider getting a LOB:

  • Easier to manage than long hair
  • Save time on styling
  • Flattering on most face shapes
  • More versatile in styling
  • Looks great every season

What is a LOB?

What is a long bob haircut

A long bob (affectionately nicknamed the LOB) is a haircut that falls somewhere just above, or on the shoulders. The length of this style can vary from chin to shoulder, but it typically falls between just above the shoulder, and the collarbone on most people.

The long bob haircut has been around for a long time, but was more recently brought back to the forefront of hair fashion by most of the Kardashians wearing one at some point.

Benefits of a LOB

  • Low Maintenance and Easily Adjusted: A long bob is low maintenance and can be adjusted easily and doesn’t take much time to style. You can spend as long or as little time on it as you please, and it will still look great.
  • More Versatile to Style: If you don’t want to blow-dry, there are so many different styles you can create with this haircut, including messy buns and braided ponytails. Can be worn straight and polished, or loose and undone with beach waves, or super curly and big if you have the hair texture.
  • Easier To Maintain: You’ll spend less time at the salon, as it won’t need to be trimmed as often as a shorter haircut, such as a pixie cut or a shorter bob.
  • Perfect for When You’re Ready for a Change: If you’re dying to try shorter hair, but are still too scared to go a big chop, a long bob is a great gateway haircut to start the process. A LOB can also help you to feel more grown up if you’ve been living with long hair for a while.
  • Suits Everyone: You can tweak and adapt your long bob in a variety of ways, from a classic blunt look, to something more edgy and fun. You can add a variety of different style bangs to suit your face shape. You can choose the length to suit your jawline. You can choose between having no layers, to having lots of layers, to suit your hair type and texture. Works for all ages.

FAQs About Long Bobs 

The long bob haircut is a hairstyle that has been trending for many years now. It’s a style that is easy to maintain and can be styled in different ways.

The key to getting your perfect LOB is to find a hairdresser who will work with you to give you a haircut that is flattering for your face shape and hair type. Ask for home-care advice specific to your hair type, texture, and lifestyle.

How long is a long bob?

A long bob hairstyle typically has a length between just under the chin, to just on or above the shoulder. A more A-Line version will leave the front length sitting on the collarbone.

Are long bobs still in style for 2022?

Long bobs will never go out of style, simply because they are so versatile and can be adapted to suit so many hair types and textures, lifestyle restrictions, and personal tastes. Lobs have proven to be a universally flattering and stylish haircut.

Do bob haircuts look good on everyone? 

A bob will suit 99% of people. It can be styled curly, straight, or wavy,  making it super versatile. Length, layering, shape, and fringe can all be adapted to suit the hair type and texture, and of course most importantly, the face shape.

Inspiring Long Bob Hairstyles and Haircuts – YouTube Video

Stylish Long Bob Hairstyles To Try In 2022

Sometimes it is the simplest of hairstyles that go on to become classics because of their sheer simplicity and the style quotient that they add to a person’s face.

The bob is one of the hairstyles that has remained stylish, not to mention flexible. That is why you can have a bobbed hairstyle for any length of hair, including slightly longer hair, not to mention middle-length hair or short hair. When it comes to shorter hair, there are the latest short layered bob hairstyles worth trying, especially if you are a girl or woman on the move who does not have much time to spend on grooming yourself. If you do not want to keep your hair too short, then you should try short and medium bob hairstyles that will make you feel sleek, svelte, and smart when you have them on.

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