Forget About Gray, These Looks Will Make You Want To Dye Your Hair White

You can blame it on everyone’s favorite Khaleesi, Daenerys Targaryen, for the surge in popularity of white-blonde hair. Emilia Clarke may wear a wig on Games Of Thrones but that isn’t going to stop everyone from bleaching their hair to achieve that perfect white hair color. If Michelle Williams did in real life, so can we. The look is a step beyond platinum blonde and silver hair. It’s so pale it’s considered colorless. Unless you’re okay with rocking visible roots you have to prepared for frequent trips to the salon and lots of deep conditioning treatments. Is that putting people off of trying it? Nope.

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If you want a change from unicorn hair, check out 12 photos that will make you want to dye your hair white:

1. Soft White Blonde Hair

Soft White Blonde Hair

There are subtle variations to white blonde hair from the purest, snowy white to those with a slight gray undertone. This color is very light but not fresh-snowfall-white.

2. White And Blue Ombre

White And Blue Ombre

If you can’t totally give up your rainbow hair, incorporate two trends into one look with this white to vibrant blue ombre look. Throw some gray in there and you’ll have every hair color trend covered.

3. White Hair With A Flower Crown

White Hair With A Flower Crown

White hair already has an ethereal quality to it, so play it up with a floral crown. The black lashes are a nice contrast to the thick white bangs.

4. Tousled White Lob

Tousled White Lob Hairstyle

If you’re bored with your lob, going white blonde can revive the look. Make a note of how well this pale eye makeup works with her hair.

5. Retro White Hair

Retro woman with white hair: Retro White Hair

Pretty much any hairstyle will work with your white hair but you should definitely make sure to try this retro victory roll hairstyle. It’s the perfect mix of modern edge and vintage.

6. White With A Touch Of Violet

White Hair With A Touch Of Violet

There is a subtle violet undertone to this color. It’s better to have cool undertones like violet or even blue compared to yellow which can sometimes look brassy.

7. Black To White Ombre

Black To White Ombre

If you still love your ombre hair, here’s an idea of how to work white into the look. To go from jet black to pure white is no easy task so leave this one to the professionals.

8. Short White Blonde Hair

Short White Blonde Hair

This snowy white haircut looks like something you’d see in a trendy hairstyle magazine. However, it’s not too avant-garde for the average person to wear.

9. White And Gray

Bright White Hair

Instead of a solid block of white hair, you can incorporate different shades the way you would when you normally highlight your hair. The pure white pieces mixed with the lilac-gray ends adds dimension to your haircut.

10. White And Black Split Hair

Half White And Black Hair

Tick off two trends with this half-and-half hair color look. You can stick with a neutral palette or add some color to the other half of your head.

11. Curly White Hair

Curly White Hair: 11 Gorgeous Hairstyles for White Hair

This is probably what an angel’s hair looks like. This style also shows you don’t have to bleach your brows to match your lightened hair. A dark brow is a nice contrast to white locks.

12. Long White Hair

Long White Blonde Hair

We just had angel hair and now this looks like a real-life version of Rapunzel’s mane. Just imagine what that hair would look like under black lights.

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