Getting amazing hair is the dream of everyone; that healthy and attractive hair that can blend with any outfit. It’s not only one of the top things to do when going out but is also necessary when at home.  And if you don’t mind us taking your time, we have researched top ways of making your hair elegant. This was made possible by consulting top beauty experts across the world. And now, your journey to having the healthiest and most elegant hair in the world is edging closer.

What You Should Do to Get Amazing Hair

Monitor the Way You Wash it

According to Mintel, 33% of women across the world have damaged hair because of bad washing habits. So, how much should you shampoo your hair? Hair beauty industry experts advise you to rarely wash your hair. This is because over-washing can lead to hair damage especially if it has been artificially altered through bleaching, coloring, or chemical treatment.

Dry and porous hair also at high risk of damage when you over wash them. Besides, washing hair each day results in the removal of natural proteins and oils that keep the scalp and hair healthy.  Wash the hair at most thrice per week but the frequency can vary based on your hair type. If you have oily air then increase the frequency of washing per week while for dry air, minimize washing.

Egg treatment

Did you know that the egg in your kitchen shelf is an ultimate hair conditioner? Break the entire egg and apply it to your hair as a conditioner. If your hair is brittle or dry, then use the egg white to moisturize your hair. Apply ½ cup of an entire egg or entire white to your damp and clean hair. Wait for about 30 minutes then rinse it using cold water. This method is one of the most practical and effective solutions to caring for your hair. It’s also cheaper and the eggs are easily accessible.

Cleanse with Shampoo and Conditioner

Shampooing your hair is important since it helps to clean your scalp. But when shampooing, don’t focus on the hair ends but the scalp. Also, use the optimum amount of shampoo based on the length and type of your hair.

Cleanse with Shampoo and Conditioner

Good Diet

If you want your hair to always remain healthy, then stick to a good diet. Vitamins, iron, and proteins help in the growth of hair. Therefore, eat foods containing the right amount of these nutrients. Hair cells need these nutrients to promote growth. Besides your hair will maintain its natural sheen when it has the required nutrients. Take iron-rich foods such as beans, fish, soya beans, vegetables, and more daily. Also incorporate protein-rich foods such as peas, milk, and lentils. Finally, take a high amount of water to keep your body hydrated and to improve the efficiency of the nutrients.

Change your Mentality on Conditioners

Typically, we all know about conditioners and how they make your hair softer, shinier, and leave behind a smooth frizz. But they have another important role and that is protecting your hair from excessive heat. Conditioners are valuable like heat-protectant sprays since they coat the hair better.

Look for air conditioners with ingredients that don’t rinse off easily i.e. polyquaternium and methicone. These ingredients are some of the most popular options in the market After applying the conditioner, wait for about 5 minutes before rinsing it with cold water to enable the conditioner to remain in your hair for maximum heat-protection.

Change your Mentality on Conditioners

Use Cool Water to Wash and Rinse Your Hair

After every heat shower, know that there will be much hair damage just like when you use a blow dryer. Therefore, to prevent heat damage, use cool or lukewarm water only when rinsing or washing their hair. And for hair conditioners and shampoo, only use cold water since warm water may remove the nourishment offered by any of these two to the hair. Besides, cooler water gives the hair a characteristic shinier look.

Hair is one of the essential aspects of beauty. Besides, making you more attractive, it completes the look for your outfits. However, hair nowadays can become damaged to blowing, hot showers, and more.  Now, after some time, you’ll notice them looking unhealthy or disorganized. But the good news is you can repair your wrecked hair using our handful tips above.


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