What You Need To Know About Synthetic Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks is one of the most popular hairstyles in the world. It is a versatile style that can be worn in many different ways and still remain authentic. This is however dependent on factors such as the nature and length of your hair.

Short ones prone to breakage are not ideal for it. This is where the synthetics come in. These are artificially manufactured using materials having great properties for hair. They are strong and don’t fade easily thus guaranteeing durability.

As such dreadlock extensions can be used to give you the perfect dreadlocks that you desire irrespective of your natural hair type. Here is what you need to know about dreadlock extensions or synthetic dreadlocks.

How to wear them

As mentioned earlier, it is a versatile hairstyle that can be styled and worn as you like. With a little customization, it can fit just any occasion. For example, on a school day, you can go for a loc bun, crochet, or a medium-length look.

These look both neat and cool. If you are in a more official environment like an office meeting you can wear a head wrap. When chilling at home you can choose to let it all free. The list is endless and this makes it very popular among those who like to have a different look for every occasion.

Picking the right one for you

This is both dependent on your personal style and hair properties. There are plenty of colors and designs that one can choose from. For instance, there are single-ended and double-ended dreads. For the latter, attachment is done around the center.

These are easy to install and results in lots of hair in terms of size which makes them a bit heavy. For the former, attachment is done through the loop at the ending which requires a lot of work. These provide less volume which is much lighter than the double-ended ones.

Big locks are not ideal for weak hair as they can wear them down resulting in hair loss. Small locks are also not good for thick curls since this will require a lot of synthetic extensions. This increases the overall weight which can be tiresome to your neck.

Instead, make sure that whatever you pick matches the properties of your natural ones and blends in smoothly. Your taste affects the length that you should choose. Wrap-ups require lengthy dreads that will be long enough to allow for wrapping.

Maintenance tips

Dreadlock Extensions Maintenance tips

The key to durability is proper maintenance. The synthetics can also be reused after some time hence you should take care of them well to keep them in good condition. Here are some tips:

  • Wash them sparingly: You should wash them less frequently to ensure that they remain in mint condition. Frequent washing makes them messy and can also fade away the colors. It is recommended that you wash them at most once a week. You can use your natural shampoo to do so. Make sure to rinse them well with cold water and dry them properly.
  • Use night caps: This prevents them from getting all frizzy and tangled up. The frizz can also be solved by applying moisturizer and trimming off the unruly parts. It also allows you to sleep well without the dreads getting in the way.
  • Change them after a while: It is recommended that you take them off after about three months. This grants your natural locks space to grow and recover from any strain. You should also use this time to remove residue that may have collected over time. Make sure to clean your scalp and prepare the natural locks properly for the next installations.
  • Use a conditioning spray: This protects your scalp, natural locks, and the synthetic dreads. It provides moisture and nourishment among other necessary requirements.
  • Do not expose them to heat: Since they are made up of synthetic materials, exposing them to heat will melt them. If you want to curl them use special combs or other tools that don’t use heat. Also, air-dry them instead of using drying machines.

What are the advantages?

  • Versatility: The fact that they can be easily styled up to suit various occasions makes them special. You don’t have to comb them every time you are going out. In addition, you can accessorize to give them your own unique look.
  • Easy to maintain: They don’t require regular washing or any expensive materials to maintain. All you have to do is keep them neat, moisturized and away from heat.
  • They can be removed: This makes it possible to make a change after every three months. As opposed to permanent dreads, you can try them and find out if they fit you before you decide to commit.

What are the disadvantages?

  • It is a lot of work: Installation is generally time consuming. For the results to be satisfactory, everything has to be done carefully. This is mostly affected by the specific style.
  • It can be painful: If they are installed too tight then they cause tension on the scalp which is painful. Also, if the volume is too large it can cause heaviness which weighs on the neck and back. Therefore, to avoid these you should have the work done by a professional salonist.

Additional Information

To get dreadlock attachments, your hair has to be at least five centimeters long. You can decide to use ready-made standard synthetic dreads or ones that are custom-made for you. You will have to go for a consultation to have them prepared according to your preference. Learn how you can install your dreadlock extensions here.

Additional Information About Dreadlocks


There is plenty of information to know and decisions to make before getting dreadlocks. You should be able to take care of them and keep them neat. How to wear them depends on what you like and the occasion. They can be curled using rollers, tied into buns or bundled up using head wraps. To avoid any complications, make sure to have them installed by a well-skilled hairdresser. Remember to remove them after 12 weeks to give your hair space for growth and recovery.

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