Hair coloring is one of the topics that attract the attention of women. Because with different colors, the hair can get a very special look. But before the hair dyeing process, the right hair dye must be chosen. Because unsuitable hair dye for skin color and hair structure may not give the desired result.

The numbers on the hair dyes show the color of the dye. For this reason, it is necessary to have information about the dye numbers before choosing a hair dye color.

What are Hair Dye Numbers?

What Do Hair Color Numbers Mean?

The hair dyeing process, which attracts the attention of women in particular, is preferred in order to obtain a beautiful appearance of the hair color. People who want their hair to look different from its original color prefer the most suitable hair dye for their skin color, thus returning the hair color to the color they prefer. At this point, the question of which hair dye color should be preferred seems to gain importance.

Hair dye that is not suitable for skin color prevents the hair from obtaining a natural appearance. For this reason, different criteria stand out when choosing a hair dye color. One of them is hair dye numbers. So what are these numbers?

Hair dyes have some numbers on the box with the name of the hair color on it. These numbers are really important as they basically reveal the actual color. While the first part of the number indicates the main color, the second part, that is, the part after the comma, expresses the color of the sparkles. Therefore, we can say that both the first number and the part after the comma are very important.

Hair dye numbers have a very specific purpose. Basically, the numbers expressing how much the hair will lighten, as well as which tones will harmonize with the hair color. Hair dyes, also available at CSS Salon Supplies, are available in different colors. As it is known, there are many different types of hair dyes. You can find paint types such as Wella perfect me Schwarzkopf blonde on the website.

It is very important for users to choose the right color among the hair dyes offered to them. If a person who wants to dye their hair wishes to achieve their natural hair color, they should prefer a maximum of 2-3 shades lighter than the hair color. In this way, they can achieve the natural hair appearance they want. But lighter colors generally result in an unnatural appearance.

For this reason, it is very important to choose which hair dye to buy before dyeing hair. You should choose the most suitable color by carefully reading the numbers on the hair dye boxes. In this way, the person will not encounter any surprises in terms of color after hair dyeing. You can visit for more information about hair products.

Hair Dye Numbers Example

It would be safer to first try some dyes so that the hair dye numbers can be understood much better. Let’s assume that the number on the hair dye is 6.23. 6 here represents the main color and has a scale from 1 to 10. The number 2 indicates intense reflection. The scale here is from 1 to 8.

The part with 3, which has a scale from 1 to 8, indicates light reflection. The order in the transition of the primary colors is as follows:

  1. Black
  2. Brown
  3. Dark Chestnut
  4. Chestnut
  5. Coffee
  6. Dark Auburn
  7. Auburn
  8. Dark Yellow
  9. Yellow
  10. Light Yellow

In this context, the 6 part in hair number 6,23 denotes balayage colors on dark brown hair. The number 7.1 is ashy brown. 1 part is the part that indicates the ash color. 5.52 is chocolate brown. 5 coffees, 5 cashews, 2 ice cream.

The numbers on the hair dye boxes should be carefully examined, and the most suitable hair dye for the skin color should be preferred.

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