How to create stunning wedding hairstyles for long hair, the most versatile but also the most daunting hair length to find a wedding hairstyle for.

Every bride’s got to decide how she’s going to be wearing her hair on the big day. Yes, we know. This is much easier to say than do. Choosing that one hairstyle out of the thousands of different wedding hairstyles out there can be nothing short of a dilemma when you’re the lucky bride. After all, you’ve been waiting all your life for this special day. You deserve to have a smashing hairstyle that’ll make you look so glamorous you keep on wishing that day would come back for years afterwards.

You’re in luck if you’ve got long hair as the wedding day approaches. Long hair is very suitable for styling purposes and can be modeled into many different hairstyles – from a more formal look to the casual.

Loose or straight down – the natural look

Loose Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

Most brides want to look stunning, like a princess on their big day. That’s why long and loose hair, much like that seen on Rapunzel and Cinderella in fairy tales, has always been very popular. All you might need to do to get this look is get a good haircut close to the wedding day. Then, you can simply let your hair loose at the wedding. You could add in a hairpin or barrette to keep your hair in place and from flying all over the place. Top it up with some hair spray, and you’re set to go. If you’ve got curly long hair, you might be interested in getting it straightened for this look. Your guests will surely notice the difference. You can straighten it yourself if you are able to, maybe rope in a friend to make sure it is perfect, or you can go the professional route and have permanent hair straightening done by the experts. The choice is up to you, it is your special day after all.

The Bun

low bun wedding hair

The bun is a very versatile hairstyle that can be made either loose or tight, depending on how you like it. It can be made to give a chic, romantic, elegant, or even modern look. Traditionally, it’s created by teasing the front hair. Also, a plait can be first made, and then the bun built upon that. This gives a more romantic ancient feel. Curly and straight hair can both be used with the bun. And the best thing is that buns rarely interfere with accessories. Whether it’s flowers, tiaras, hair pins, or veils you want to wear, the bun will go well with all of them. For a funkier look, ask your hairstylist to give you a side bun.

Mermaid Style

Mermaid Wedding hairstyle

Imagine loose braids of soft curly hair running down the side of your head – that’s the mermaid look! This is just perfect for a beach wedding since you can do a ton of cool things with the front of your head. The braids may be joined together into a loop near the bottom of your head, or everything can simply be left free. Flowers, greenery, and seashell ornaments can all be added to the braids to enhance the mermaid feel.

French Roll – Chignon Roll

french roll wedding hairstyles

This look was inspired by several years spent by brides all over searching for that regal wedding look. Your hair will be swept into a French roll either on the side or center of your head. If your wedding dress has a really attractive neckline or beading, this will enhance its fine cut. The Chignon looks particularly great with a veil on the bride or sparkly tiara. Although this looks best on long hair, medium hair will do just fine with it as well!

Every wedding season, a large number of new hairstyles enter into the fashion industry and are sported on catwalks. Long hairstyles, however, still remain the top choice of most brides. This is because of the touch of elegance and sophistication that they add to wedding receptions and ceremonies. Opt for romantic and casual long hairstyles or one created with hair extensions, depending on your preference.

Everything from curly to lose straight to half up, half down to ponytail updos and hairstyles can be done with long hair. Try photo-shopping the hairstyle you’re thinking off onto a picture of yourself in the wedding gown before the wedding day to get a feel for how it would look on you.

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