Latest Wedding Hairstyles For Brides

Wedding Hairstyles For Brides

The day you get married is the day that you want to be the most special. Any woman will tell you that she would want each and every element of this occasion to reflect this. Each thing from the place of the wedding, the food, the flowers, the wedding dress, and down to the smallest details like the way people are seated becomes a matter of serious thought and planning.

One of the things that a bride-to-be needs to take a call on is the hairdo. After all, it is her day, and anything that does not suit her or makes her uncomfortable is a big no-no. An ill-advised choice in hairstyle would mean discomfort and thereby a bad look. While pondering on the hairdo, you would like to go with; you should give consideration to the color, length, and texture of your hair. What is more, you also have to consider your wedding outfit, the shape of your face, the placement of the veil, the jewelry you will be wearing, and most importantly, the comfort and confidence factors.

You can always consult a hairstylist to know what your options are. But since it is your day and your choice, you could also be an active participant in the selection of your hairdo. You can always seek the help of a pal or a family member to help you in this regard.

Here are some points to consider and some options that are open to you to make perfect Wedding Hairstyles For Brides :

Long and silky hair is probably the simplest to style as you have many options. You could simply add rollers to add slight curls and waves. After styling your hair in a twist or intricate plaits, you could leave a few tendrils curling around your face to give a soft and romantic look. When covered with a long veil, this looks really appealing. You have to consider the weight of the veil along with the length before you pick a suitable hairdo.

The normal hairstyle for a traditional wedding in India and Pakistan is a tightly drawn bun that is above the neck and somewhere in the range of the middle of the back of your head or on top of the head. This makes it easy for them to pin the heavy scarf or dupatta on the head. It is the norm for these women to let a lock or two of hair casually sweep down their faces. Paired with exquisite jewelry and bridal makeup, this completes the look. Special jewelry is worn on the hair, which adds to the overall look. Sometimes the jewelry simply holds the hairdo in place.

Sometimes people leave their short to middle-length hair loose with a simple wreath that holds the veil down. You can add to this look with some simple floral or stone jewelry. You need to consider that the jewelry and the wreath, along with the veil, will be on your head for a while. Consider these points when you decide on the hairdo.

As you can see, bridal hairstyles can be anything from a bun to loose hair to intricate plaits. The thing that you need to consider is that apart from looking good, the hairdo needs to be comfortable. A heavy and tight hairdo can really be distracting and uncomfortable, especially when the wedding ceremony lasts the whole day. Another thing you have to consider is whether the hairdo will go with your outfit. A very formal and old-fashioned outfit requires a formal and intricate hairdo. A more casual outfit requires a loose and casual look.

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