9 Retro Updos That Will Bring Out Your Inner Pin-Up Girl
(Photo Credit: Instagram via @naeemahlafond)

Lady Gaga stepped out with a gorgeous retro updo. Channel your inner pin-up girl with these easy vintage hair tutorials.

You never know what Lady Gaga is going to step out wearing. She could be wearing a Christmas tree on her head, or she could be wearing something so chic and luxurious. For a recent appearance in London, Gaga went for a vintage-inspired outfit. She wore a printed orange and white shirt with a matching skirt and cat-eye sunglasses. She completed the look with a retro updo with curly bangs, red lipstick, and, erm, a teacup.

You can’t go wrong with a retro hairstyle. They are sophisticated and make you feel like a pin-up girl. You don’t need to accessorize yours with red lipstick, but it does add to the look. So does a pair of high-waisted jeans. However, you can leave the teacup accessory to Lady Gaga.

Here are 9 retro hairstyles that will make you feel like a pin-up girl:

1. Retro Ponytail With Headband

Retro Ponytail

When in doubt, put on a thick headband, and it will instantly make your hairstyle 25% more retro. Curled under-bumper bangs also help.

2. Vintage Fancy Ponytail

Retro Curled Ponytail

If you are attending a wedding or any sort of formal event, this ponytail is perfect. The statement hair accessory isn’t mandatory, but it does dress the look up a bit more.

3. Retro Side Ponytail

Retro Side Ponytail

If you are so over-twisting your hair into a top knot, try this easy side ponytail. It gets your hair off your hair, and it is prettier than your regular gym ponytail.

4. Vintage Updo With Scarf

Retro Updo With Scarf

Even if you have a lob, you can still create this hairstyle. Simply twist around a few sections of your hair, pin them in place and tie a scarf around it.

5. Throwback Twists Updo

Vintage Twist Updo

This is a new take on the classic victory rolls, but it still has a retro vibe. The crisscross sections at the front are a unique idea.

6. Retro Bumper Bangs Updo

Vintage Headband Updo

A lot of retro hairstyle tutorials make you curl your bangs under, but this one has you sweep them to the side for a slightly different look. Pop on a pretty headband, and you’re good to go.

7. Easy Victory Rolls

Retro Easy Victory Rolls

If you don’t have time to curl and tease your hair in the morning, you can still get a vintage look with this simple victory rolls hairstyle. If you have half-and-half hair or a rainbow dye job, this hairstyle will really show it off.

8. Vintage Curly Quiff

Vintage Quiff Hair Tutorial

It’ll take some pinning to get your long hair in place, but the end results in it worth it. Just make sure to coat your hair with a strong-hold hairspray.

9. Retro Half-Up Hairstyle

This isn’t a full updo, but it is so pretty that it deserves a spot on the list. No one will notice that your hair is greasy and unwashed if it is styled like this.

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