In my opinion, naturally curly hair is kind of like a wild animal. It can be terrifying and confusing, but it should never be caged or hidden. When styling curls, I like to work with the natural curl instead of against it. This usually means creating styles that are not too tight, and working with soft and romantic textures. With these four DIY updos, you can learn to embrace your curly hair and create beautiful styles for elegant and casual occasions. Let’s get started!

Up Do's For Curly Hair
4 Lovely UpDos For Curly Hair.

1. Vintage Curly Side Bun

If you didn’t catch on already, I am all about the vintage hairstyles, especially when it comes to curly hair. This vintage-inspired twisted curly side bun is one of my favorites because of it’s simplistic yet glamorous appeal.

To achieve, start by prepping your hair with a smoothing shine product. Then, make a side part. I find that side parts often work best with curly updo styles because they help balance the weight of the curl, playing up the softer features of the face.

On the heavier side of the part at the hairline, start twisting your hair upwards towards the top of your head. Add a bit of hair from underneath and gently guide your twist around the side of the head and across the back to the opposite side of the back hairline.

Vintage Curly Side Bun

Continue twisting your hair to the very end of your twist-tail. The, wrap the tail into a loose bun and tuck in the end, pinning the bun securely in place. Now you’ve got a style that is both effortless and timeless!

2. Half-Up, Half-Down

The simple double twist-back is a pretty half-up, a half-down hairstyle that works beautifully with curls.

Start by prepping your hair with a smoothing shine product like Liquid Gold Hair Polisher. Make a side part, and starting at the hairline on one side of the part, take a small bit of hair and twist it towards the top of your head. Add a little bit more hair from underneath and twist again. Then, work your way towards the back of your head, taking a bit of hair from underneath and twisting it in each time.

Half-Up Half-Down Hairstyle
Half-Up, Half-Down Hairstyle

Once your twist has reached behind your ear and includes all hair from the front of your head and temple area, pin it securely using the criss-cross bobby pin technique.

Now, repeat those same steps on the other side of your part to complete the style. You should end up having all hair around your face pinned back into your twists, with curls falling naturally on the back. Now, don’t you look marvelous!

3. Curly, Messy Low Bun

Curly, Messy Low Bun

The messy low bun is another great low-maintenance updo that can accompany you to any formal or casual outing.

Start by prepping hair with a smoothing shine product, then pull all hair into a low ponytail. I prefer to style mine slightly off center so that the bun can be seen from the front, but you can center your style if you prefer.

Next, take a chunk of curls (approximately an eighth section of your hair) and twist it all the way to the end. Twist the hair into a coiled, messy little nest and pin it to your head, so it stays.

Repeat this step throughout the completion of the ponytail, creating a messy yet polished bun. Viola!

4. Braided Curly Beauty

Updos For Curly Hair - Braided Curly Beauty
Braided Curly Hairstyle

Braids are the perfect hairstyle for curls. They are not only low-maintenance but can transform your look whether you want a classic or modern style.

Start your braid by prepping your hair with a smoothing shine product, then style two equally symmetrical loose braids and secure them with no-tear elastics.

Pull one braid across and around the base of the other, and pin it into place. Then, pull the second braid across and pin it around the base of the first. Make sure you tuck the tales of your braids into the style for continuity. Ta-da!

Want more curl inspiration? Check out this rag curls tutorial. And for more braids, check out my article on French, Dutch and deconstructed braids and the newest tutorial featuring the Rattlesnake Braid.

How to Do a Cute Ponytail Style with Curly Hairstyles

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