Photos: Unicorn Horn Braids Are the Latest Hairstyle Trend
(Photo: Instagram/Kristyn_Yanniello)

Unicorn braids are the latest trendy hairstyle that has people braiding their hair to form a unicorn horn. It’s magical.

Braids are always a go-to hairstyle. They’re quick, effortless, and easy unless you’re trying some more complicated Game of Thrones-style braid. Most people do not have the time or patience to try a hairstyle like Margaery Tyrell for every day. They are most sticky with a simple side braid or a French braid through the front layers of their hair, a la Lauren Conrad. If you are looking for some fresh braid inspiration, instead of looking to the fantasy world of Westeros, look to the world of magical creatures. Yes, really. It may sound odd, but the unicorn braid is the latest hairstyle to take over the internet.

It makes sense when you think about it. Everyone wants unicorn-colored hair, so why stop there? Why not go for the full-on unicorn look? When you think about it, can you really say that you have unicorn hair when you’re missing the mystical animal’s one defining feature?

The unicorn horn braid trend is exactly what it sounds like: it involves braiding your hair into a gravity-defying unicorn horn. If you already have pastel hair and you add a bit of sparkle into the mix, things get even better. If you really want an out-of-this-world look, you can add some checkerboard hair color to your unicorn braid.

Unicorn Braid
(Photo: Instagram/Josh_Congreve)

The unicorn braid trend obviously isn’t something that you could get away with at work unless you work in a very creative job. However, you can test it out on Instagram and earn yourself a number of magical likes. It is also worth remembering for when Halloween finally rolls around. It’s not as crazy as when women were braiding their hair into hipster beards. It’s about the hair equivalent of the rainbow armpit trend.

You might have heard the term “unicorn braid” before to describe mohawk-like braids that are in the center of your head. If you do not think that you can pull off the whole horn thing, the middle braid is a tamer look for every day. Just note that the braided horn is the magical look that is taking over the internet at the moment.

What do you think? Do you like it, loathe it, or do you just want the beauty madness to stop? Seeing a unicorn braid in everyday situations will probably be almost as rare as seeing a real unicorn when you’re strolling down the street. (It could happen.) However, do not be surprised if the next time you are at a gig, you see a braided unicorn horn blocking your view of the stage. There are going to be people who are looking for something more magical than rainbow bangs, glitter armpits, and rainbow freckles.

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