Twisted Bun Hairstyles And Tutorials

First of all, let us admit it; we women can never have enough ways to do our hair. Even the simplest of women will tell you that they wish that they knew more ways to arrange their hair. That is why you have so many options around and more so since things have migrated to the online realm. One of the ways to do hair is with twisted bun hairstyles. It is simple and looks very elegant. In the meanwhile, one can borrow some interesting aspects of easy bun hairstyle tutorials to come up with your own personal twist to the ones given here.

In fact, these hairstyles will also work for older women, and that is the reason that they feature in the list of attractive hairstyles for older women. In fact, even if you are trying one of the attractive side ponytail hairstyles for girls, you will find that these twisted bun hairstyles will come in handy.

Here are some reasons that twisted bun hairstyles work so well:

  • It does not make that much effort: As compared with other types of hairstyles, these are relatively easier to do in terms of effort. Once you have the hang of a simple one, you will find that it is easy enough to try adaptations of the basic model to come up with a lot of variations.
  • It looks as if it has taken a lot of effort: Though it is relatively easy to do, a twisted bun does not look like something that you did on the run. On the contrary, it looks really complex and intricate. It leaves people mystified as to how you managed to pull such an intricate hairdo off.
  • It can work for casual and formal occasions: If you are the kind of woman who is required to switch from formal to casual and the other way around in a jiffy, knowing how to do a twisted bun hairstyle is something that you will enjoy having in your repertoire. The beauty of the twisted bun hairstyle is that it can be adapted to most occasions.
  • There are many options: One of the hallmarks of a hairstyle that is good is the fact that there are many options for doing it. This means with a few simple steps; you really have the wherewithal to come up with many variations of the basic hairstyle.
  • They are modern as well as period styles: The twisted bun hairstyle can be made in such a way as to give a modern twist, or if you wish to, you can go for a cool retro look with an old-fashioned look.

Here are some more pointers for you to get a bun hairstyle right:

Doing the bun higher up will work on women who have shorter necks, as the high hairstyle will create an illusion of a longer neck. This is something that women who are conscious of their shorter necks will be happy about.

If you want to minimize a very long and skinny neck, then you should wear your hair lower. This will make it look very elegant and very stylish.

If you want to go casual with a twisted bun hairstyle, then you can leave a few wisps of hair around your face, even down the neck, to frame it and make things look casual.

If you are going formal with a twisted bun hairstyle, then keep things smooth and slick. A few drops of hair serum or a light spray of hairspray will make things stay that way for a longer time.

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