You Don't Have To Be A Nature Girl To Love The Succulent Hair Color Trend
Succulent Hair Is The Prettiest New Hair Color Trend. (Photo: Instagram/ashetonsilvers)

Succulents are definitely having a big moment in the beauty world. People love the pretty plants so much that they have even come up with a way to grow them on their nails. Really. If you’re not ready to trade your glitter manicure for live plants, you can jump on the succulent beauty trend with a succulent hair color.

Drawing inspiration from nature isn’t anything new when it comes to hair colors. We’ve seen countless lilac dye jobs and ones inspired by many types of flowers. However, the way succulents blend different green, purple and pink tones is made for being turned into a dye job.

Succulent-Inspired Hair Colors and Styles
Succulent-Inspired Hair Colors and Styles

What you end up with is a next-level gradient hair color that merges the different shades. The most popular styles are succulent dye jobs with an ombre finish or a dip dye effect where the green is the base color, and the purple and pink tones are the highlights.

Another brilliant thing about the trend is that it is versatile. You can experiment with countless different tones in the pink and green dye job. You can go for a muted finish, or you can take a more creative interpretation of the plant with a neon one.

Succulent hair is also something that works no matter your hair color or length, and it’s just a matter of giving it a twist, so it works for you. So, at your next salon appointment, bring in your favorite succulent (or a photo of it) and see what dreamy look your hairstylist can come up with.

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