Starburst Hair Is The Sweetest New Hair Color Trend
(Photo: Instagram/mandaharsche)

Searching for a sweet new hair color? Well, the latest hair color is literally sweet. Starburst hair is the newest look that is trending on Instagram, and it is just as good as candies.

While there are just under 900 posts with the #starbursthair hashtag on InstagramAllure reports that the look can be credited to hairstylist Kayla Bower. Thankfully for us, she has posted photos on Instagram of the look, and it involves mixing sections of yellow, pink, red, and orange to create a juicy effect.

The Starburst hair color is reminiscent of the fiery phoenix hair color trend or even sunset hair thanks to the rosy hues, but the way the colors are blended in Starburst hair makes it unique.

If you want to get the look yourself, you’re going to need to start with a base of bleached hair. Then you will want to ask your stylist to apply the pink and yellow tones on top of it. If you’re wondering what Boyer used, she created the sweet dye job by first lighting the client’s hair with Pravana Pure Light Power Lightener. She followed that up by applying the Pravana Vivids range Neon Pink and Locked in Pink as the base and melted in the Neon Orange, Orange, Yellow, and Neon Yellow through the hair.

And to make sure you get the shades to spot on, you can always bring a pack of Starburst into the salon as inspiration. Just remember not to eat them all before you’ve discussed your hair color.

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