The Snowlights Hair Color Trend Is the Perfect Winter Dye Job

Snowlights is the latest hair color trend. It is the icy blonde dye job applied in a snowflake pattern that you’ll want to try.

You have probably been wondering a few things about 2016 like, is this going to be the year that you are actually going to stick with my New Year’s resolutions, or is this the year that Leonardo DiCaprio will finally win an Oscar? When it comes to beauty, you are probably wondering what magical hair color trends we will see this year. Last year, there were countless looks from opal dye jobs to sunset hair and even rainbow roots. Well, one new look we are seeing for 2016 is snowlights.

That’s right, snowlights, not highlights. If you are assuming that this has a winter theme you aren’t far off. We had pumpkin spice dye jobs for the fall so it only makes sense that we have snowlights for winter. In honor of the season, snowlights add an icy touch to your hair.

For once this is a hair dye trend that does not involve crazy hair colors. There is no arctic blue or frostbitten gray involved here. Snowlights are for more natural colors, specifically blondes who want an icy finish but do not want to go as far as a snow-white-bleached look.

Snowlights are the creation of Chloe Ascott the Senior Colorist at the Hare and Bone salon in London. The key to the look isn’t just choosing the right icy dye colors, it is also about the application. The name “snowlights” actually refers to the application. The highlights are applied to the head in a snowflake-shaped pattern starting at the crown. This differs from traditional highlights that are generally applied in a “T” shape.

To really get the look, go for ashy, platinum, and silver tones to carry the icy snowlights theme home. It will give your hair a frostier finish. If you’re looking for inspiration, think about Jennifer Lawrence‘s new icy blonde hair color or Rosie Huntington-Whiteley‘s cool blonde.

Even if you hate winter and the snow, you have to admit that this is a very pretty trend. It’s soft, it is pretty and it is a great way to change your hair color to suit the season. Most people switch up their hair in the summer by getting golden shades to bring out their tans so why shouldn’t they do something similar in the winter to suit their pale complexions? The snowlights trend may fade melt away when the spring comes for other more vibrant styles, but it something to freshen up your look now. To paraphrase Elsa from Frozen, “Let it snowlights. Let is snoooowlights.”

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