Photos: The Smokestack Hair Color Trend
Photos: The Smokestack Hair Color Trend.

Attention rainbow hair color lovers: Smokestack is the latest hair dye technique that you are going to be obsessed with.

We have never had so many different hair color options than we do now. You would have to be going to the salon every single week to keep up with the new trends. Just when you think that we have discovered every rainbow hair color technique and look, another one comes out. We’ve recently been introduced to hand-pressed hair, which uses plexiglass instead of foilopal hair, the color that is as pretty as the stone; and oil slick hair, the multicolored look that is great for brunettes. The latest technique you need to know about is the smokestack.

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If you love multicolored pastel hair as much as your love gray tresses, you will love the smokestack look because it combines both looks. The hair color technique was developed by PRAVANA Artistic Color Director Vadre Grigsby, and it is a twist on the usual gradient dye job. You achieve smokestack hair by parting your hair in triangular sections and layering colors beginning at the nape of the neck and moving up. You start off with the darker colors, then get lighter as you go. The result is a blended, multidimensional look. The colors merge together, like in an ombre or a slick oil look, as opposed to seeing distinct lines like in a dip-dye color.

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To get a proper smokestack look, Vadre added PRAVANA’s new VIVIDS Black additive to regular VIVIDS shades to give them a smokey color. Adding VIVIDS Black to more vibrant colors creates richer jewel tones, and it turns pastels into smokey, antique shades. Vadre used five black-based shades and a regular pastel lavender color to achieve this look. If you have dark hair, note that for the best results, your hair needs to be pre-lightened for the regular rainbow color you want to deepen. If you already have pale blonde hair, your hair is at the perfect starting point.

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It might sound like a complicated process, but smokestack hair is something that your hair colorist could easily replicate at your next salon appointment. It’s more about getting the tones right than anything else. Don’t believe me? Check out the tutorial to see for yourself:

Are you ready to book your hair colorist appointment yet? You might have thought that the color would have come out in distinct blocks like a more complicated version of half-and-hair hair color, but the colors blend together beautifully. The muted lavender and purple look are stunning, but you can imagine smokestack hair looking gorgeous with any combination of shades. If you love blue hair, a navy to icy blue look would be great. The toughest part will be deciding on what colors you want to try before your next salon appointment.

(Photo: Gary Lyons/PRAVANA)

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