We like the holidays because they are the perfect occasion to shake off our regular pajama blogger look and get all fancified for all the fabulous parties we’ll be going to. (Well, you’ll be going to. I live on the side of a mountain where there are no fabulous parties and will probably just get kidnapped by a gingerbread witch again this year.) But if you have someplace fabulous to go, this is a great time to get all movie starred up.

It’s no secret that we love short hair here at Blufashion, but while it is chic and sexy and so much easier to dry than long hair, it can also make it difficult to find good hairstyles. Because it’s the holidays, we went out and found you some excellent, glamorous holiday hair tutorials that are perfect for short hair. They’re so cute and versatile, even the longhairs among us might start considering the chop.

Old Hollywood Finger Waves by HairGirl247

This is so glamorous. The Great Gatsby movie sucked, but you know it was gorgeous.

Holiday Hair: Soft Sexy Curls by Carmelcode

This look is one of the sexiest, most romantic looks you can get. Try this one and you will spend all night wanting to run your fingers through your own hair.

Cute Angel, Fairy Princess Hairstyle by Lilith Moon

If you string a series of tiny buns next to each other all around your head, you will look like a fancy princess from Game of Thrones. (But a nice Game of Thrones without all the murder.)

Rope Braid For Short To Medium Hair

This is perfect for both casual and formal events, and it looks surprisingly easy for being one of those crazy rope braids we never understand how to do.

Triple Twist Updo for Short Hair Natalia Simmons

Another elegant twisted updo that surprised us by being excellent for short hair.

KittieVonLiebe’s Beehive Tutorial for Short Hair by Kittie Stark

Marion Cotillard impressed us with her towering beehive at Cannes this summer, and her hair is pretty short in real life. You can get the same effect for yourself with this awesome YouTube tutorial.

Wear Durag to stand out of the crowd

If you have short hair, this accessory will enhance your look. There was a time when the Durag was only for men. Nowadays, all women who want to adopt a new style are interested in this accessory. Originally, it allowed men to protect their braided hair. But nowadays, it’s an iconic piece for stars and celebrities around the world. Moreover, the models can be matched with your clothes if you wish. To see the available range, please visit http://shop-durag.com/.

However, here are the reasons why you will benefit from buying a Durag:

  • To maintain your Waves: since the Durag is easily fixed on the head, it allows to maintain the waves without the slightest frizz during the night of sleep; 
  • To preserve and improve the texture of your hair: pollution and external aggressions are the main causes of dry and dull hair. To help moisturize your hair, simply wear Durag once in a while; 
  • To maintain your hair: if you like braids, the Durag is particularly indicated for you. This protective accessory will keep your braids intact to keep your look stylish for as long as possible. In addition, it is usually sold with assorted cosmetics and hair care products to choose from. 
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