I’ve heard of rinsing your hair with a beer in the past and found myself wondering what, if anything, a little beer would actually do. A few searches on the world wide web gave me mixed reviews and a little advice before I started. Would I rinse my hair in beer again? You bet.

Rinsing hair with beer
Rinsing your hair with beer: One Weird Way to Refresh Dull Hair.

Why Would I Rinse My Hair in Beer Anyway?

Before you rinse your hair in beer, let me tell you what rinsing your hair in beer is all about in the first place.

A beer rinse is meant to give your hair shine, softness, a little volume, and even a little extra strength to reinforce those locks. The alcohol and carbonation help remove buildup, and the barley and hops in beer are full of nutrients and proteins that will bring out some of the brilliance in your hair.

Too bad it doesn’t work the same magic on my body. Frankly, I could use a little beer-induced brilliance. Obviously, one beer rinse will not yield magical results, but over time if you did a weekly rinse, you might notice some of the benefits beer has to offer.

How to Do a Beer Rinse

Before you get started you’ll want to gather a few supplies:

  • Shampoo (clarifying shampoo if you have it)
  • 16-ounce beer of your choice (we recommend a 16-ounce tallboy of light beer)
  • Your favorite conditioner
  • A small bowl or similar container
  • A shower cap, saran wrap, or a plastic shopping bag
  • A towel

There are a variety of suggestions as to how a beer rinse should be done. I tried this a couple of times and came up with my own little routine to get the most out of the beer.

  • First things first. Take the beer out of the fridge and let it warm up to room temperature. You don’t have to let it warm up, but you’ll wish you had if you don’t. Some websites even recommend boiling the beer first to remove some of the alcohol. I’ve never tried the boiling step and didn’t have a problem with over drying because of the alcohol content. One thing to keep in mind: it’s helpful if you actually like the kind of beer that you’re using because you will likely get some in your mouth and eyes.
  • Next, get a small bowl or plastic container and pour 1/4 of the beer in the container mix it up with a generous portion of your favorite conditioner or deep conditioner. Take that with you to the bathroom or the sink where you’re going to wash your hair. I recommend doing this over a sink or the bathtub.
  • Shampoo your hair thoroughly. If you have a lot of extra build up, you could use a clarifying shampoo or use a baking soda treatment at this time. Rinse very well.
  • Next, take your beer/conditioner mixture and work it through your hair very well. Wring the moisture out of your hair with your hands, but do not rinse, and put the plastic cap on your head. If you don’t have a shower cap, you can wrap your hair in saran wrap or even top it with a plastic shopping bag. Then cover the wrap in a towel.
  • Let your hair sit with this mixture on your head for 10 to 30 minutes. If your hair is extra dry, let it sit longer.

Next, using the beer and with your head over the sink (or get in the shower), pour the remainder of the beer over your head through your hair. Use your hands to work the beer around. It will feel fizzy and a little weird. You will probably get beer in your eyes. It won’t sting, much.

Give it a couple of minutes to sit and then rinse with water very well. If I were you, I’d apply plain conditioner, and rinse again just to make sure you don’t smell like a hangover for the next couple of days.

Dry and style as usual.

I liked my beer rinse, and I’ve done it several times. It’s no miracle hair cure by any means, but it’s a nice way to remove a little extra build-up and give your hair a nice reset. It’s also fun, and a great excuse to buy some beer in the name of beauty and gorgeous hair.

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