My sweet neighbor, Birch has such pretty, long golden hair, that lately, I have been inviting her over for hair play dates. I could brush and style her hair for hours and never get bored or run out of ideas! One of my favorite things to practice on Birch’s hair is the Rattlesnake Braid. Truth be told, this braid isn’t actually a braid at all, but a two-stranded twist, or as I like to call it the “unicorn horn of braids.” I don’t know about you, but these twists really do look like unicorn horns to me!

Rattlesnake Braid
The Rattlesnake Braid.

Check out this hilarious unicorn horn for cats while we are on the subject!

To achieve a two-stranded twist, section your hair off into two equal parts, just like you would for any other two-braided style. Then, section each half into two more equal pieces, and starting on the right side, begin twisting the two pieces in the same direction whilst simultaneously twisting the sections around each other.

To finish, tie the braid off with an elastic. It sounds really complicated and feels kind of awkward at first, but it just takes some practice. It’s easier to get these motions down without distracting yourself with what your hands are doing, so try to learn this styling technique by feel so that you can build up muscle memory for it. No mirror needed; this one’s literally all in the hands!

This video breaks down the rope braid in case this was a little difficult to follow.

For a looser more romantic version of the Rattlesnake Braid, section your hair off into two equal parts, and starting on the right side, section the hair into two more equal parts. Twist the two strands in the same direction from the base to the ends and secure with an elastic.

Then, with the elastic still in place, twist the strands together to make a loose braid. This look involves essentially the same steps, just without as many motions at once, so it looks and feels a lot more casual. I like to wear this style when my hair is naturally a little more oily so that the twists stay together better.

Plus, these twists look great with a variety of accessories, especially a classic black beanie.

Now that you’ve got that down, let’s move on to something more intricate! This next hairstyle works best on long hair and looks especially great if you leave a couple of small pieces loose around your face to soften it. Very pretty!

  1. To get Birch’s look, start by parting your hair down the middle, all the way to the nape of the neck. Then, pull both sides of your hair forward in front of your shoulders to prepare for your twists.
  2. Now, beginning on one side, split your hair into two sections and hold them firmly on top of your head. Then, begin twisting them separately, in the same direction. Wind them around each other and continue this twist/wind all the way down the ends of your hair to secure with a clear elastic.
  3. Next, repeat the twist on the other side of your head and secure the end. Then, criss-cross the twists across the back of your head and over the opposite shoulder. Take one side and continue wrapping it around your head, sticking in bobby pins discreetly every couple of inches. Pin the ends of the rope to your head securely and repeat these steps on the other section of your hair.

Make sure to keep the twists snug against each other, and add as many pins as you need to keep them in place. Tuck the ends of the second twist under the first twist and pin it in place. Feel free to garnish these beautiful braids with flowers or cute clips to create a more festive look. I recommend checking out this article on Floral Hair Design to get more ideas about beautiful, romantic braided styles!

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