Rainbow Bangs Are the Perfect Trend for Bold Hair Color Beginners
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Looking for some fresh rainbow hair color inspiration? Rainbow bangs are the latest dye job that everyone is loving.

It seems like there are no limits to the different rainbow dye jobs the world can come up with. Plain old pink, blue, purple, and green hair colors are just the starting point. Why try out only one crazy hair color when you can try out an oil slick look or have a dye job that mimics the look of a multicolored opal? You could even create a checkerboard pattern with your hair color. The possibilities are endless. However, when we have been thinking about all of the different ways to dye our hair unicorn shades, one area that we haven’t really focused on is our bangs. That is changing now because rainbow bangs are the latest way to update your hair color.

Of course, there have been lots of people with bangs dyeing their hair rainbow colors, but the rainbow bangs trend is where bangs become the focal point of the rainbow looks as opposed to having an all-over color. The look gained attention this week when model Amber Le Bon showed off her latest hairstyle on Instagram. The brunette had cut the front layers of her hair into a fringe and added pink and rose gold highlights. Yes, rose gold. Why did we never think of that? The look was courtesy of George Northwood using Redken color and it was enough to make everyone obsessed. It was cool, fresh, and less commitment than dyeing your entire head.

Rainbow Bangs Is The New Hair Color Trend
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A quick search for #rainbowbangs on Instagram reveals a wide variety of looks to choose from. You can go for something more subtle like Amber’s hair color with pastel shades that aren’t drastically different from your base. For those who haven’t tried the trend before, you can start out with just one color. Pastel bangs are a popular option. If you are a lover of rainbows, you can go for a true ROYGBIV look with every shade from red to violet.

The placement and application of the hair color are two other considerations. Some people opt to dye their entire fringe while others will only do a small section of their bangs. You can get traditional highlights like Amber, or you could add chunky blocks of color to your mane. You could even incorporate other hair color trends and try a color melt look or checkerboard finish.

Rainbow Bangs Hair Color Trend
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Your rainbow bangs look can be completely different depending on your base color. If you haven’t succumbed to the temptation to bleach your hair and dye it pastel colors, you don’t need to worry about starting with a rainbow base. In fact, your rainbow bangs will really pop if you leave the rest of your hair au naturale. However, you should feel free to experiment with different base colors. You could contrast your bangs and base color or you could try a shade in a similar color family.

There are lots of options to choose from. The tricky part is deciding on one, and getting bangs if you don’t already have them. If you’re hesitant about getting bangs and about only dyeing part of your hair, you can always try clip-ons. It will look just as good and we won’t tell your secret.

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