The season’s most popular food and drink trend is now hair color.

Fall is close, and nothing is safe.

Most of us already have an unhealthy adoration for the pumpkin spice trend. There’s (of course) the original pumpkin spice latte (God bless), and the world seems more than ready to embrace the pumpkin spice in other places, too (and we’re not complaining one bit). This includes pumpkin spice donuts, ice cream, alcohol, cereals, candies, yogurt, etc. However, the movement has officially spread its spices into more than just things that are edible—allow us to introduce #PumpkinSpiceHair.

This multidimensional auburn color (it’s not as orange as you’d think!) gives off a warm and season-appropriate vibe, and the more we see of it, the more we adore it. Plus, you can wear it in so many ways, just by introducing both dark and light reds, oranges, golds, and browns into your coloring. Check out some of the ways people are rocking the pumpkin spice trend.

pumpkin spice hair color

Whichever you decide, this is definitely one of those autumn trends that we’ve fallen for.

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