Parting our hair is something that most of us do as an afterthought. Many of us think that our part is something that is dictated by powers that are greater than us, i.e., stubborn cowlicks, karma or the hair gods.

Most of us have a part that works easily and falls naturally without a fight. This is a good thing because fighting with our hair can be futile and frustrating. However, It doesn’t mean we can’t explore other options.

Playing with your part is a fun way to change up your hair to compliment your whole look. Historically, people have used their part to make subtle statements about who they are, so let’s get creative. Here are six different ways to change your look by changing your hair part.

hair part - Playing the Part

1. Center Part

The center part looks awesome if you have medium to long hair. And, it’s great for all hair textures. If you’re into the boho style or have an interest in 70s fashion, the center part is a great accessory. This part looks best on oval and heart-shaped faces, but there’s no reason why you can’t try it out anyway. Wouldn’t this part look great on the beach? Mega babes Sophia Vergara and Lauren Conrad seem to agree.

2. The California Fling

This part speaks for itself. To achieve, just casually toss your hair to one side. This look is similar to a rough side part, but the hair is pushed back from the face and over to the side in a big 90s wave. It’s very Kelly from Saved by the Bell and has been sported by some of our most favorite 90s teen television stars. This par works well on all lengths of hair but is best on hair with a natural wave. It’s a great look for those who like the volume on the top and around the face, and are comfortable with asymmetry. It’s loose, naturally and compliments all face shapes.

3. Side Part

This is a classic look for all face shapes and can be styled on straight and wavy hair, fine or thick. Play up your vintage waves, polish a short flirty look or put a pin in it to accessorize. Plus, side parts look great on up-dos!

Some say to part on the left to assert your inner strength and savvy and on the right to show your softer, more feminine side, but I say part on whichever side you choose.

4. Zigzag Part

I like this part. If you have notable roots and also can not make it to the salon to touch them up, diffuse your roots with a zig zag part. You can try zig-zagging on the side, in the middle or diagonally. Deep zigzag looks terrific with curls. This hairstyle is exceptional for any face shape, particularly for hair with natural textures to it. Also if you’re feeling a little flat, the zigzag part can also create a bit volume on its own. I think it’s even a good part for low up-dos and honestly, kind of a flirty look, right?

5. Scenester Swoop

Do you have heavily layered hair? Is your hair very fine or thin? Do you have a round face? Do you like to listen to Arcade Fire when you ride your fixed-gear bike? Do you LOVE to take pictures of yourself looking angry and tough? Well, the Scenester Swoop might be for you. This is an anti-part, to go with an anti-mainstream attitude. In short, it’s a movement of the hair as one mass from the crown forward, then across the face and over one eye. Try it out and see what you think.

6. The Big Bang

This part occurs when the hair radiates from one point on top of the head and flows down. It works best with heavy bangs (think Zooey Deschanel). It’s a dramatic 60s inspired the look that works on all to face shapes and can be used for up-dos or for down styles. This part looks awesome on hair that is fine or thin, plus if you struggle with volume, the heavy bangs give the illusion of thickness (think Rashida Jones). This part draws major attention to the eyes as well.

All of these parts are pretty incredible. What’s your favorite?

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