The Dip-Dyed Hairstyles That Are Just As Cool As Gigi Hadid's Pastel Blue Tips
Model Gigi Hadid greets fans at David Jones Elizabeth Street in Sydney, Australia.

Just when you thought that all-over sand art or half-and-half hair have finally stolen all of the attention from ombre and dip-dyed locks, two different celebs made everyone interested in dyed tips again. Gigi Hadid showed off baby blue ends during an appearance in Australia while Katy Perry debuted a black to blonde ombre on Instagram.

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Colored ends work for everyone, whether you want to go for a more natural gradient look or if you love rainbow hair. And if you’re someone who gets bored easily, the color doesn’t even need to be permanent. You can color the ends of your hair with hair chalks or with temporary hair dye.

Katy Perry Blonde Ombre Hair

Here are some dye jobs that will make you want to stay (or get back on) on #teamombre:

1. Pink And Purple Ends

Pink And Purple Hair Ends

This is a girly dye job that would look good on any hair color base. If you want even more color, try it on pastel pink.

2. Aqua Ends

The Dip-Dyed Hairstyles: Pastel Bue Ends

Take a page out of the Kylie Jenner hair dye book and try contrasting your dark hair with a bit of blue.

3. Subtle Pink, Purple, Blue Ends

Subtle Pink Purple And Blue Ends

The muted tones in this multicolored look make it very wearable. If you’re hesitant about dyeing your hair rainbow, start off with subtle shades like this.

4. Lilac To Purple Ends

Dip Dyed Hairstyles: Lilac To Purple Ends

The more purple the better, right? The subtle gradient from blonde to lilac to royal purple is as flawless as the curls.

5. Red Ends

Dip Dyed Photos - Red Ends

Just because you want to stick with slightly more natural hair color shades doesn’t mean your look is boring. Check out how the red pops on black hair.

6. Rainbow Ends

Dip Dyed Hair Photos: Rainbow Ends

Can’t decide on one hair color? Choose them all. This can easily be adapted for shorter hair lengths.

7. Teal, Blue And Purple Ends

Turquoise, Blue And Purple Ends

You don’t need all-over hair color for your look to make an impact. The teal, blue and purple ends pop against her natural hair color.

8. Dark Green Ends

Green Ombre Hair

Blue tips are a popular choice but you should definitely consider giving green a try. Emerald green looks stunning on dark hair while mint shades look pretty on blondes.

9. Pale Pink Ends

Pale Pink Ends

Go ahead, cover your entire body in ombre. Pastel pink ends on dark hair are as pretty as an ombre manicure.

10. Pastel Blue Ends On Pink Hair

Pastel Blue Ends Pink Hair

If you already have pastel hair, who says that you can’t add a bit more color? Add contrasting pastel ends for a sugary sweet style.

11. Peach Ends

Peach Dip Dyed Hair

I bet you didn’t think of peach hair. It’s the next logical step if you’ve already done blonde and pink tips.

12. Blue And Marigold Ends

Blue And Marigold ends

This is how you mix hair colors like a pro. You may not necessarily expect all these shades to work together but this photo proves that they do.

13. Orange-Red Ends

The Dip-Dyed Hairstyles -  Orange Red Ends

Add a bit of fire to your hairstyle with orange-y red tips. They’ll enhance your color whether your base is blonde, black, brown, or a different shade of red.


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