There is a gray hair area between curly and straight that many of us live in, and I’m not talking about wavy hair. This hair conundrum is more of an awkward mix of curly, straight, and wavy hair growing out of different parts of your head. Sound familiar? This kind of hair problem can be something you’re born with or your hair texture, and wave pattern can change over time due to hormones, certain illnesses, and medications. It can be challenging figuring out what to do with multi-textured hair, but I’m here to help!

Multiple Personality Hair Disorder
Multiple Personality Hair Disorder

When all of a sudden our hair type and texture change on us, especially if it is the result of a health condition or hormonal shift, it can be hard not to get frustrated. Adjusting is difficult, but once you do it can definitely be a blessing.

My hair went from straight to curly, to a combination of both over the course of five years and two pregnancies. Now, my hair is straight in the back, wavy on the sides, and curly (more like ”waggly”) around my face. Talk about confusing…

Most of us in this gray area are unfortunately subjected to either something like “curly-in-the-back triangle head,” or the “curly-in-the-front poodle mullet.” If the visual isn’t enough, just trust me; I’m all too familiar with both of these hair atrocities. My hair has been weirdly multi-textured since my last pregnancy, and it has taken a while to learn to love it.

What I ask of you is this, lay down your hair weapons, and learn to love your hair just the way it is!

First thing’s first, don’t fight with your hair too much. I find that it’s best to treat your multiple personality hairs like it’s all-over curly. Don’t shampoo too often, make sure your hair is moisturized, and don’t mess with it too much. For example, after you have showered, towel-dried your hair and combed through it with your fingers, give your hair a good scrunching and let it air dry without touching or messing with it.

If you are unfamiliar with how to treat your curly hair, check out the curl category by How-to Hair Girl. If accepting the fact that you have curly hair is a new concept for you. Nikki is a licensed psychotherapist and a naturally curly girl who has a lot of really helpful information about embracing your ‘do. Check out while you’re at it for a wealth of amazing tips, tricks, and advice for curly girls.

As far as your cut and style go, what I have found to be helpful is that hair with an inconsistent wave or curl pattern does best with layers and removal of excess bulk. When these two techniques are combined, they result in a general blending of textures and freeing of that bulky weight, so curly parts become less poofy and straight parts become wavier. This makes the hair appear more consistent throughout, and it happens to be great for low-maintenance styling.

If you have longer hair, and you have curly hair in the back and straight hair in the front, I would suggest longer layers with the shortest layers cut in the front and around the face. If your hair is curly in the front and straighter in the back like mine, shorter layers in the back and longer layers in the front will look better. Also, consider getting yourself a Q-Redew steam wand to help inspire your not-so-curly strands. I love mine and can attest to its magical qualities!

In closing, be grateful that you get the best of all worlds in a weird way. Your hair may have multiple personalities, but it’s pretty dynamic if you ask me. If your hair went to a party, it would be the most interesting thing there!

What questions do you have about your multiple personality hairs?

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