Crazy-colored hair continues to become more and more popular. Pastel hair, granny chic gray manes, and brights and neons are all competing for the most popular hair color. There’s even the crazy-colored armpit hair trend. Once you start dyeing your hair in vibrant shades, you’ll probably be tempted to try more than one color. Half-and-half dye jobs are taking over Instagram, but if two colors aren’t enough for you, you can go for a proper rainbow look.

Take a look at these 17 multicolored dye jobs for inspiration:

1. Fuchsia And Blue

Rainbow Hair Color Ideas: Fuchsia And Blue

These two shades work so well together. Its blueberries meet boysenberries. If you are unsure about the popular half-and-half hair, this is a great way to rock two colors at once.

2. Neon Rainbow

Rainbow Hair Color Ideas: Neon Rainbow Hair

Unleash your inner Rainbow Brite with a proper ROYGBIV dye job. You don’t need to have long and mermaid looks to achieve the look. It would still work on short hair.

3. Pastel Pink, Purple And Mint

Pastel Pink, Purple And Mint Hair

If you’ve tried pastel pink and purple, why not combine them together and throw in a bit of mint green? This shows pastel hair can be just as eye-catching as brights.

4. Blue And Purple Ends

Blue And Purple Ends Hair Color

Instead of going for an all-over rainbow color, focus it on one area. This multicolored look on the ends of the hair is a fresh take on classic ombre hair.

5. Fiery Shades

Fiery Shades

A yellow to red gradient look is intense. The shot of neon greenish-yellow is surprising but works very well with the other shades.

6. Rainbow Back

Rainbow Back Hair Color

If you are always wearing your hair up to get it off your sweaty neck, add some interest to your updo with a rainbow back. If you want a bit of a rainbow in the front, try one of these makeup looks.

7. Pastel Pink And Purple

Pastel Pink And Purple

Cotton candy pink with lilac is one of the most popular hair color combinations. When you look at photos like this, it’s easy to see why.

8. Rainbow Ends

Rainbow Ends

If you don’t want to have to deal with visible roots, check out these rainbow tips. You can keep your natural hair color and your hair looks really, really good when you’re headbanging.

9. Purple, Blue And Turquoise

Purple, Blue And Turquoise

Multicolored hairstyles look as good pulled back as they do down. Forget fishtail braids; everyone is going to be practicing how to do a braid on the back of their heads.

10. 360 Degree Rainbow

360 Degree Rainbow

A horizontal gradient is probably the first thing most people think of, but this vertical gradient around your head is very pretty. Good luck deciding what colors you want framing your face.

11. Turquoise, Blue, Yellow And Pink

Turquoise, Blue, Yellow And Pink

Here’s a great style idea for short-haired girls. This works so well with the haircut. Matching your lipstick and eyeshadow to your crazy-colored hair is always fun.

12. Blue, Purple And Gray

Blue, Purple And Gray

Gray hair is still giving pastel hair colors some competition for the most popular crazy hair color. Try two trends at once by mixing them together. While you’re at it, add a few bright colors.

13. Cool Highlights

Rainbow Hair Color Ideas: Cool Highlights

This is the opposite of the fiery hair colors. It looks a bit like the ocean if the sea was flecked with funky purple pieces.

14. Gradient Rainbow Tips

Gradient Rainbow Tips

It will get a bit tedious dyeing four inches of your hair in six different colors, but if you don’t give up after the green, you’ll be glad you completed the rainbow.

15. Pale Blue And Neon Green

Pale Blue And Neon Green

Don’t just pair your pastels with other pastels. Mix-and-match your pastels and neons. Or you can mix them together and come up with a new color.

16. Gray, Blue And Silver Hair

Gray, Blue And Silver Hair

Your gray, blue and silver hair will look just as good when it’s not in a braid, I promise.

17. Hot And Cool Colors

Hot And Cool Colors

This will take some skill, as well as a good layered haircut, but check out the results. You can attempt the dye job, but it’s probably best to go to the salon to get a similar haircut.

This Rainbow Hair Trend Will Take You Back To Your Roots

Australian salon Blondies of Melbourne has given us the coolest and most surprising hair trend of 2024 so far.

Lately, it seems like every week brings a new rainbow hair trend, and this week is no different. Except this time, people are taking the opportunity to get back to their roots—literally.

Introducing: rainbow roots.

This Rainbow Hair Trend Will Take You Back To Your Roots

The super cool look was first spotted at Australian salon Blondies of Melbourne, and if you loved the glitter roots trend, you’re definitely going to want to try this. The spring time vibes that are starting to make the rounds are getting us all antsy for a fresh new look, and rainbow roots might just be the most ideal option for all you Lisa Frank-lovers who aren’t ready to go for a full head of rainbow.

The trend involves bleaching the roots of your locks for maximum color absorption before applying the desired shades evenly. At first glance, an onlooker might not notice the vibrant hues, which makes it even more of a fun surprise!

When did rainbow hair become popular?

We are in love with the fun and carefree vibes of this trend, and it just goes to show that there’s nothing like getting back to your roots.

What is hidden rainbow hair coloring?

Would You Try Rainbow Hair?

Or do you risk looking too much like a cartoon character? Though who says that’s a bad thing? Not cartoon characters, that’s for sure.

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