A Case For Micro Bangs

You can call ’em whatever you want: micro bangs, baby bangs, micro fringe. There may be discrepancies about the best name, but something that we can all agree on is that micro bangs are a divisive hairstyle. There are those who are obsessed with them. See the Micro Bangs Tumblr for proof. Then there are those who do not get them all at all. If you fall into the latter category, it may be time to reconsider your stance on them.

Micro bangs are like the “ugly” shoe of the hair world. They’re a bit wrong, but that is part of their appeal. They’re like pairing your white fashion sneakers with a fancy dress. It’s not perfect and you know it is a bit off, but that is part of what makes it so interesting.

How to Style Micro Bangs

Baby bangs are also practical. The two biggest complaints we have about our bangs are that they are in our eyes or we are always having to go to the salon to get them trimmed. With micro bangs, you get the look of bangs without the eye irritation. Because they are cut shorter, you can go longer between haircuts.

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There are also a huge variety of baby fringe looks. People often assume that micro bangs are one type of look but they are lots of different variations. You can play around with length, thickness, and finish. You could try a thick fringe just above your brows. You could go super short and have a style close to your hairline. You could go for short wispy bangs or a hard edge. You could also try an uneven cut and mix a patch of baby bangs with some longer layers. You could even try a style with a part.

Micro Bangs Hairstyle Inspiration For Your Next Haircut

There are lots of celebs who have tried the look. Rooney Mara made a strong case for micro bangs during her Girl With the Dragon Tattoo period. Katy Perry is a fan of baby bangs. Beyonce’s #beyngs may not have been her most popular look, but she did give the style a try. Audrey Hepburn rocked micro bangs. When you look at the runways at Fashion Month, there is usually one or two models rocking a micro fringe. Then there are the shows that feature micro bangs as the hair look.

The worst thing that can happen if you get micro bangs is that you just have to put up with them for a few weeks until they grow into a regular fringe or until they grow long enough to clip them back. It’s not like you’re chopping off all your hair. Beauty is all about experimenting, so give micro bangs a try. They might just become your new signature hairstyle.

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