Are you looking for a hair color update? There are lots of rainbow hair color options to choose from. You could try oil-slick hairrainbow bangs, or even opal-colored hair. However, if you want something different, try a metallic hair color. Gold, silver, and bronze are popular, but you could also try other, less obvious options like rose gold or a metallic version of your favorite crazy color. Some dyes give you a megawatt metallic finish, but many of these looks show that you can recreate a metallic look with the right combination of different traditional hair dyes.

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Take a look at different metallic hair colors for inspiration:

1. Soft Metallic Blue

Metallic Soft Blue hair dye

This is a more subtle option, but that does not make it any less striking. If you haven’t tried a crazy hair color yet, this is a good place to start.

2. Metallic Pink

Metallic Pink Hair Dye: What It Is And How To Get a Metallic Hair Color

We do not know exactly what colors went into this look. There is obviously some pale pink, gray, and silver, and perhaps a bit of mauve. It doesn’t really matter. The important thing is that it is stunning. If you want more, check out Guy Tang‘s feed. It is packed with metallic hair inspo.

3. Metallic Navy

Dyeing My Hair Metallic Navy Blue

There are as many metallic blue colors as they are versions of gold. This navy look is great if you prefer to stick to the darker end of the color spectrum. Plus, this short haircut is fab. Slap a #hairgoals tag on the entire look.

4. Copper

Discover Metallic Copper Hair Color Trend in All Shades

If this was the fall, we might have called this Pumpkin Spice hair. It doesn’t really matter what you call it. Just know that you cannot go wrong with this combination of red and blonde balayage.

5. Metallic Blue

I dyed my hair from Pink to Metallic Blue

These curls would be flawless no matter what color they would be. However, there is something about this metallic gray-blue look that makes them look magical. And can we just admire that braid for a second?

6. Metallic Pearl Gray

Metallic Pearl Gray Hair Color

This hair color is described as “metallic pearl gray” but you could also just call it “beautiful.” There are lots of different versions of gray hair, but this warmer version is something you should try out at least once.

7. Metallic Opal

Metallic Opal Hair Color

You get two trends in this one dye job. It combines fashionable opal hair with metallics. The blue, purple, and white blonde look great together, but you could also see this turning out amazing with other color combinations.

8. Rose Gold

Metallic Rose Gold Hair Color

We love rose gold jewelry, so it is no surprise that we love rose gold hair. This hair color is also a good option for brunettes who do not want to have to bleach their entire heads white blonde first.

9. Silver and Lavender

Metallic Silver Lavender Hair Color

Part of what makes this hair color look so good is that the silver and lavender are on a black base. Of course, we cannot forget about the way the colors all blend together seamlessly.

10. Metallic Gray With Blue and Neon Green

Metallic Gray Hair Green and Purple Hair Color

If a metallic gray hair color isn’t enough for you, try adding some eye-catching blue and neon green streaks a la this dye job.

11. Metallic Rainbow

Metallic Rainbow Hair Color

If you’re an indecisive sort of person, combine everything with this look. You’ve got rainbow, pastels, neons, and metallics. What more could you possibly want?

(Photos: Pinterest)

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