Why Can't Messy Hair Just Be Messy Hair?
Why Can’t Messy Hair Just Be Messy Hair?. (Photo: Ana/Instagram).

Why can’t messy hair just simply be messy hair? When did it get all complicated with as many steps as a regular style?

You would think that messy hair would be a fairly straightforward concept. To get the look, you would assume you would simply just roll out of bed and go. Or maybe if you didn’t want to have a literal bedhead look, you would run your fingers through your hair and add a bit of hair product. Now, there is a lot of discussion on how to achieve the “perfect” messy, bedhead and it is a lot more complex than just finger combing your hair. There are video tutorials on it. Some articles will make it seem like creating a messy hair look seems as complicated as Kardashian style contouring. Why can’t messy hair just be messy hair?

A lot of people probably feel they can’t pull off rolled-out-of-bed hair the way Kristen Stewart can because she’s Kristen Stewart and you’re not, so a few tips on how to achieve a similar slightly disheveled look are welcome. You may be a fan of messy hair, but you probably don’t want to leave the house with a cowlick or with part of your hair standing on end.

It is when you need four different hair products and curling iron to create the look is when things start getting ridiculous. You know things have gone too far when you read lines like, “The perfect messy hair is actually when you curl your hair and then mess it up.” I’m not making that up. That type of talk has appeared in articles and tutorials on more than one occasion. There are even some blow-dry bars that offer an undone, messy look. Why get the look for free when you can pay $30 for it?

If you have to blow dry your hair nicely, then curl it, then mess it all up again, doesn’t that completely defeat the perfect of effortless messy hair? Can it actually be defined as messy hair, even if you do a really good job of destroying it? And not to mention, isn’t it such a massive waste of time? Do you really want to get up 20 minutes earlier just to make it look like you did nothing to your hair? You could sleep in and then simply go out with messy hair.

Some beauty hacks are better with a few more added steps. Think smokey eyes and a flawless complexion, but messy hair isn’t one of them. If you want to curl your locks, add a bit of mousse and a bit of gel and individually mess up each of your flawless curls to achieve a look. Go for it, but we should come up with a name other than messy hair.

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