Messy buns are supposed to be the easiest, but there’s a trick to looking that nonchalant. Check out these 8 messy bun tutorial videos to get the look.

Messy Bun Tutorial for brides who love messy buns

I am going on vacation in a week, and my main goal is to look like I live in a J. Crew catalog. Actually, that’s a lie. My main goal is to eat all the octopuses in the world, my second goal is to decimate Italy’s supply of effervescent wine, and my third goal is the J. Crew thing. In pursuit of that goal, I’ve spent the past few days combing the Internet for information on that messy-chic look that J. Crew catalog models always have.

Somehow the messy look has always eluded me. When I wear my hair down, it’s generally just fluffy and frizzy and looks messy no matter what I did to it before. When I wear my hair up, though, it instantly turns into the hair of a frumpy schoolmarm. I’ve tried clean hair, day-old dirty hair, five-day-old dirty hair, hairspray, dry shampoo, bobby pins, and twist pins, but I’ve never managed to obtain that messy-chic “I look awesome and casual and possibly French” look. My hair just twists itself into a bun that says, “Where is your homework? And pull up those trousers, you look like a delinquent!”

But I’m an eternal optimist, and I believe with the right practice we’ll all be able to get bright lips and messy buns if we want them.

Check out these messy hair tutorials to get the look for yourself.

Messy Buns Tutorial by Alexsis Mae

High Messy Bun by VintageBeautyGirls

Quick Messy Beachy Bun by Lilith Moon

Simple Messy Bun by Dollybowbow

Messy Topknot Bun by Makeupbyalli

How to Get a Messy Side Bun by WSJDigitalNetwork

Quick and Messy Bun Updo by LuxyHair

This one goes beyond the simple J. Crew messy bun and winds up almost a 1960s style updo.

Braided Messy Bun Tutorial, Laidback & Girly by Macbarbie07

After mastering the messy bun and the messy braid, why not fuse them?

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