Men's Medium Short Hairstyles
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In the past, men might have chosen to keep their hair cut short to make sure they looked as professional and mature as possible in order to move up the corporate ladder and impress peers. But those days are over, and it’s very acceptable for men of all types to wear their hair in a medium-length haircut—and still look great!

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a CEO of a Fortune 500 company or a self-employed worker; a great haircut can help your reputation, giving you confidence and respectability. Sure, medium-length haircuts used to be worn mostly by teenagers, but now they’re perfect for any man, and the various great styles of medium-length haircuts make them appealing to everybody.

So many medium-length styles are acceptable now, and many celebrities and even professional businessmen have begun wearing medium-length haircuts for everyday situations, professional and otherwise.

It’s important that men today choose a haircut that they like, regardless of what was or was not acceptable in the past.

Most companies today accept people of all styles, which gives men the perfect opportunity to grow their hair out and try a longer, medium-length hairstyle. Following are some details and examples of popular medium-length haircuts for men.

The Afro

afro hair men

For men of ethnicity, the Afro represents the natural way their hair grows, although some men require some help with getting the tight curls and the right look that is necessary to have a successful Afro. Afros can represent the power and a tribute to African ancestry when worn correctly and cleanly. Afros can be any length, really – from short to very long, and every length in between.


men's bangs long hair

In the past, many people considered bangs as a style that only women should wear. But now, bangs can be a part of almost any hairstyle, no matter what gender you are. Bangs are the front of the hair that is cut to cover the forehead. The toughest part about choosing bangs is deciding how short or long to keep them, but choosing the right length for your face and structure can give you a great look and a great burst of confidence.

The Bowl Cut

modern bowl cut male

The bowl cut is true to its name and is sometimes even referred to as the chili bowl or mushroom cut. In decades past, it was a very popular style and is still beloved. It used to be created by placing a bowl over the head and cutting off the hair that came out below the bow. But now, the bowl cut has evolved and can be created to make a nice, clean look.

Under Cut

undercut hairstyle

The undercut is similar to the bowl cut but with a much shorter “bowl” look to the haircut. With roughly one-eighth of an inch of hair on the sides and back of the head, the hair at the back of the neck can either be tapered or cut into a square cut.

Wedge Cut

What is the wedge cut?

Yet another type of bowl cut, the wedge cut, can be used on both men and women, although the bowl in the wedge cut is a bit longer and is tapered as it goes down further. The wedge cut is not very popular today, but it was in the past, and, like all trends, it may come back.

The French Crop

french crop haircut

The French crop is a shorter haircut. Similar to the Caesar cut, the French crop leaves hair a little longer and with a feathered look up front. On the other hand, Caesar is shorter and neater. But the French crop is a great haircut that gives men and boys of all ages a great casual style.

The Layered Cut

what is a layered haircut

Similar to the burr cut, the layered cut is a longer style. It’s usually made by cutting all of the hair to the same length all around the head. The added length of the layered cut gives hair a chance to lie down or even spike up, according to what an individual prefers.

The Quiff

short quiff haircut

Also known as a pompadour, the quiff is formed by cutting hair short in the back and leaving it much longer in front. The front part of the hair is then brushed up and back to create a poof high above the forehead. Women sometimes do it with their hair and create a much higher poof than men, but it works for both genders depending on personal style.

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