Many people may consider long haircuts only appropriate for the Grunge period, for slackers, or for wannabe rockers. But today, there are more modern ways to wear long hair, and new long haircuts can be styled so that men can still wear them and look professional and clean-cut.

Keeping hair long is an individual choice and style, and many longer haircuts show off that individual style instead of forcing men to suffocate their style in the corporate world. When choosing the right long hair look, though, consider your facial structure and features to make sure that you still keep a clean-cut look while showing off your personal style.

Sure, most men don’t feel comfortable with keeping their hair long, but there is no reason not to if you’re interested in trying it out. Especially in Hollywood, men with long hair tend to garner lots of positive female attention!

Many women admit to enjoying long hair on men, and having long hair lets you stand out in a crowd, giving you a great position to enjoy the attention. It’s still necessary to keep the professional look, of course, but longer haircuts are evolving and becoming more popular. Following are some examples of long haircuts you might want to try.

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male braids hairstyles
(Credits: Instagram / @mellowstylesbymiren).

Braids were considered to be appropriate just for little girls, but they’ve come full circle and can now give men a dramatic look in a truly unique style. Braids can be casual or more neat-looking, and many men, not just ethnic men, are embracing them as a great style to wear their long hair in.


dreads styles for guys
(Credits: Instagram / @souldread.rj).

Commonly referred to as dreds or dreads in most cases, dreadlocks are a truly unique long hairstyle. Naturally-formed, dreadlocks are very popular among African and Rastafarian communities. Other cultures have embraced dreadlocks in recent years, though. The style is created with knots and mats in the hair, and they can be formed naturally or by using styling products to keep the knots in the right shape.

The Mullet

Mullet Haircuts For Men
(Credits: Instagram / @coiffeurstory).

The mullet was a big hairstyle back in the 1970s and 1980s, and so many rockers and musicians rocked the mullet that the style caught on quickly. It was actually intended for men, but women caught on to the trend with their own variations. The mullet is achieved by cutting the hair very short in the front and on the sides and leaving the back much longer, according to the person’s taste. It’s interesting to note that when looking at a mullet from different views, it looks different.

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